ERC and the CUP open negotiations for the formation of the new Government





Both formations coincide in their analysis that the independence movement comes out reinforced from the 14th and that its growth comes from the left.

The negotiating teams of ERC and the CUP have formally started this Wednesday the negotiations for the investiture and formation of the next Government, and they have begun to talk about how the process towards a “Catalan republic” should advance from now on.

After this first contact, which has served to put on the table their points of view on the economic and social situation of Catalonia and on the steps that the independence process must now follow, both formations have been summoned to continue the negotiation in a new meeting next week.

In a statement, ERC has indicated that at the meeting on Wednesday both formations have agreed to highlight “both the victory of the independence movement and the fact that the political movement grows on the left”.

The CUP, for its part, points out in another statement that the 14F results “They show a clear will of the population to shift to the left in policies in Catalonia and to advance towards the Catalan Republic.”

Four representatives from each party participated in the joint meeting, and ERC’s negotiating team was present, made up of elected deputies and who are the party spokesperson Marta Vilalta, the president of the National Council Josep Maria Jové, the president of the group in Parliament. Sergi Sabrià and the number 2 candidate for Barcelona Laura Vilagrà.

On behalf of the CUP, the elected deputies Carles Riera, Eulàlia Reguant, Pau Juvillà and Xavier Pellicer participated in the meeting with ERC.

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According to ERC, at the meeting both formations have carried out “a shared analysis of the electoral results”, the result of which they agree that the 14F has taken place a victory for the independence movement but also a growth of the left.

Both negotiating teams have exchanged views “on the economic and social situation” and on “the path that will have to be followed towards the Catalan Republic from now on”.

Republicans consider that the meeting has also served to “take the temperature of the relations of the two parties and establish the first bases for future negotiations.”

The CUP will meet with JxCat and En Comú Podem

The CUP, in turn, specifies in its statement that the meeting began at 2:00 p.m., and that it wants there to be “transparency and clarity in the entire process that we will go through in the next few days.”

According to the anti-capitalists, both parties have confirmed that the results of the 14F “evidence a clear will of the population” to produce “a shift to the left in the policies in Catalonia and an advance towards the Catalan Republic.”

The CUP explains that it plans to launch various meetings in the coming days “with various organizations, civic and social agents and various entities to address issues of great importance for this new cycle.”

He also points out that he hopes to be able to meet “in the next few days with En Comú Podem and with Junts per Catalunya”, and that he puts “to debate in their assemblies the assessment of the results of the 14F and the social program that it will propose to the other political formations” .

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