Energy saving laundry hack by Mrs Hinch fan dries washing faster and ‘really works’

As energy bills are set to soar, Mrs Hinch fans have been sharing helpful energy saving laundry hacks.

Cleaning guru Mrs Hinch, otherwise known as Sophie Hinchcliffe, became an internet sensation for sharing her cleaning tips and tricks on Instagram where she has amassed a huge 4.3 million following.

Mrs Hinch’s dedicated fans have created groups on social media to share cleaning and tidying tips.

Facebook user Graham Sims shared one handy trick for drying washing in a group with 1.2 million members, Express reported.

It involves throwing a towel into the washing at a certain time to reduce drying time and your energy costs.

“With energy prices going up, a little tumble dryer trick,” Graham wrote.

To start, he said: “Give washing an extra spin at the end of the cycle.”

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“Place a clean dry towel in the dryer then add damp washing into the dryer.

“The towel should absorb moisture from clothes and become dry again with the clothes, reducing drying time and saving electricity.”

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Graham’s post was inundated with comments from Mrs Hinch fans.

Some people said they will try the trick to save money while others claimed they had been using the trick for years.

Amy Wiliams said: “It really does work. I’ve been doing it since last year as my washing always felt wet so I started putting it on an extra spin.

“It’s a great tip, definitely try it folks.”

Alix Kimberley Gibson replied: “Thanks for sharing!

12530205 Person drying their hands on a cream towel
A Mrs Hinch fan recommended using a towel and an extra spin cycle to save on your energy bill

“My dryer seems to take two hours for everything no matter the size of the load.

“I will definitely be trying this.”

Emma ‘Hughes’ Barnes wrote: “Always put on an extra spin.

“Clothes dry quickly on clothes horse.”

Julie Walker said: “I have done that for a while now it really does make a difference.”

Kiran Sekhri suggested: “Thank you for your wonderful tip.”

Other suggestions for drying washing more quickly from Mrs Hinch fans included using wool tumble dryer balls and taking items out of a dryer early.

Louise Wilson said: “Also take out clothes not fully crisp dry from the tumble dryer and then air/hang.

“Saves energy but your clothes are pretty much done.”

Karen Sheppard replied: “I’ve been using the wool tumble dryer balls for a while now and they have definitely halved the drying time.

“Purchased them from Home Bargains but Amazon sold them too.”

Marie Armor wrote: “We also take bigger items out after 30 minutes, give them a good shake and back in, this reduces drying time too.”

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Tonia Morris said: “I like the tumble dryer balls, they stop things clumping together so everything dries evenly.”

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