‘End the injustice for adoptive mothers by signing a petition for legal payment for adoption’ – Saira Khan

Adoptive parents should be eligible for the legal adoption fee just like other moms and dads, and you can help end the injustice simply by signing this petition.

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Some adoptive mothers face a financial struggle

As an adoptive parent, I am supporting a new petition: make self-employed individuals eligible for the legal adoption payment.

The petition says: “Ensuring that legal adoption payment is available to a self-employed parent in the same way that maternity allowance is available to self-employed new moms would promote an equal and just society that includes all routes to parenthood.

“A parent who takes legal leave, regardless of whether it is for adoption or maternity, should be fairly recognized and supported.

“It is unfair to expect self-employed parents to take unpaid adoption leave while supporting their child during a critical transition period. This current policy does not include adoptive families and, to many, reads as an act of discrimination.”

The petition urges the government to introduce an adoption allowance comparable to the maternity allowance for the self-employed.

The adopter who initiated the petition fostered a 21-month-old boy.

She explains her feelings by saying, “I am the mother of the most beautiful child I know. The only difference between my path to motherhood and that of most women is that my child is adopted.

She says that her son was so needy that he cried and screamed every time he left the room for fear that he would not return.

She had previously spent a decade building her career, but when her paid adoption leave ended, she ­ she realized she couldn’t go back to her job because she needed to be close to her son.

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So, in 2020, she founded her own company, Notafictionalmum, a brand of clothing, greeting cards, and accessories for adoptive families and people who have struggled with infertility.

When she and her partner decided it was time to add to their family by adopting another child, she figured that since she was self-employed, she could claim exactly the same legal support as self-employed mothers with a biological child. . She was wrong.

She says: “My government does not consider this basic level of financial support necessary for a mother like me. I am expected to adopt a child from the overwhelmed care system, walk away from the only independent financial means I have, and do it all on a single family income.

“It’s an unnecessary and discriminatory strain added to a family in the midst of those crucial first few months.”

More than 13,000 people have already signed the petition and I urge you to do the same. We need 100,000 signatures by May 23 so that it can be debated by the government.

I cannot believe that self-employed women like myself, along with thousands of others, are not considered a proper “mother” because the baby did not leave our bodies.

Let’s put an end to this horrible and unfair discrimination.

– Sign the petition here

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