Empty Spain calls to “rebel” against “abandonment”

The candidates of the Spain Emptied to the next castile and leon elections on February 13 have given their first official pre-campaign act in Ampudia, Palencia, from where they have proposed “go out to win” to “bring the voice of the territories to the institutions” and reverse the “dramatic” situation of depopulation in the region. criticize “decades of neglect” of all the governments, a state model that they consider erroneous and so much political “blahblah” that it does not come to any concrete results. “We believe that being less should not take away our rights or take away our future,” they summarize, for which they ask for a national pact for the territory.

Angel Cena (Soria Ya!), Nieves Trigueros (Palencia), Vanessa Garcia (Salamanca), Cristina Blanco (Valladolid) and José Ramón González (Burgos), head of the list for their respective territories, have been accompanied at the House of Culture of this town, which despite being enormously touristy only has 600 inhabitants, whom they say is their “reference” in politics, Thomas Guitarte, deputy for Teruel There is and only representative of the Emptied Spain in the Congress of Deputies. The senator of this party, Joaquín Egea, also participated in the act.

Precisely, Guitarte has closed the act to encourage his colleagues from the Emptied Spain of Castilla y León: “We are making a historic move Almost without realizing it, the first public act of the Empty Spain that will change this country”.

Guitarte has also told RTVE.es that the step that the Empty Spain has taken is “essential” to “transmit the voice” of the citizens to the institutions, change the “wrong” development model of the country for a more “just” one and “guarantee” that the “theoretical solutions” offered by the parties “in reality become the facts”: “We must urgently correct these social consequences and territorial of 40 years of abandonment because It leads us nowhere to accumulate the social and economic development of the country in a few points and abandon the rest”.

Guitarte has described depopulation as the “common enemy” of most of the Spanish territory. It is a phenomenon that affects the territories of Castilla y León, according to the latest data from the INE. Here, 1,928 localities have lost 284,927 inhabitants in 20 years and 146 of them have seen their population decrease by more than 50%, especially in the province of Ávila.

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Ávila is not one of the five provinces where the Empty Spain is presented, which recognizes that the jump to these elections has been hasty given the advance called by President Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, which has prevented them from presenting candidacies in the nine provinces of the region. However, the candidates say that will work on behalf of all the territories depopulated of Castilla y León and, even with an eye on future generals, of the entire country.

They also point out that most of their candidates are not politicians, but rather come from the dozens of neighborhood associations and movements that have spent years and even decades working for the residents of their respective territories. They say that, regardless of the result, they will continue to work as before.

They ask for a regional and national plan that transcends the parties

Emptied Spain wants to transcend parties and does not set red lines to negotiate with anyone in order to achieve its goals. Of course, they emphasize that they do not have an ideology (each one has their own and a single common objective: to reverse depopulation).

“We have something to say and we want to be heard now”, exposes Ceña, for whom the situation “is dramatic”: “Citizens are going to the big talent vacuum cleaners that there is in Spain, which are Madrid, Zaragoza, Barcelona and Bilbao, mainly”, because in their homeland “They haven’t had a chance for the future.” “The youngest and most prepared always leave,” he laments, and calls for “a regional and national plan.”

Politicians, a lot of ‘blabla’ but few facts

This candidate from Soria Ya!, the only one that has presented himself as a group of voters instead of a political party, points out that, if in Spain depopulation is a “serious pneumonia”, in Soria “there is lung cancer” with an average of 8.6 inhabitants per square meter. “The politicians, a lot of ‘blabla’ and many plans, but few facts. They have filled the emptied Spain with unfulfilled words and promises and this is what we want to face because we are not going to remain impassive”, he points out.

Before the act, we talked with him in a bar in town, where he pointed out that Soria Ya!, not having been formed as a political party, does not have a subsidy and thinks finance the campaign through ‘crowdfunding’ or microcredits, something that he promises to return if they manage to find a solicitor in the Cortes of Castilla y León. But he points out that all the effort is necessary. “The rural areas have left us by the hand of God and have been depopulated little by little to the point of death,” he laments, and gives the example of Valloria, his father’s town, which had about 240 inhabitants in the 1950s. “And now there are only four left.”

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Verónica Santos, the number one for Salamanca, puts the focus on youth wheno “35% of young people” in Castilla y León do not live in this community and “Salamanca is specifically the town with more than 20,000 inhabitants that heads the ranking of the unemployment rate”. “Since this is a land with enormous powers and opportunities, it is abandoned by politicians,” he laments. A land that, right now, “has no capacity to retain talent”, which is why it also calls for a national plan for the return of “exiled” talent: “Right now, we train people so that large cities can take advantage of of it”.

They claim to be the “useful vote” and recognize that they want to be a “hinge party”

In statements to RTVE.es, Santos calls on the population to “understand” that they can be “a pivotal party and that the useful vote can make things change in this community”. He insists that they have no ideology in left-right terms: “We believe in democratic values, human rights and the needs of the environment. They must understand that we can achieve these challenges alone if they give us their trust”.

We are not here to waste time fighting with others

The candidate of the Vía Burgalesa España Emptied, Joserra González, calls for “make politics from cooperation” between the territories and to “take care of the common”, the basic services and infrastructures, which are those that are gradually being lost as the territories become depopulated: “We are not here to waste time fighting with others but to bring the needs of the people to the institutions”.

In statements prior to the event, González explains that aspires to the Emptied Spain being able to get “its own group in the Cortes de Castilla y León” with at least five attorneys from the different provinces. “In Burgos, if we achieve between two and four, as they tell us, it would be very good, without giving up that it could be more”. And regarding how to differentiate itself from other major parties that are also focusing their discourse on the emptied Spain, he summarizes: “We have the support of some 50 social organizations in Burgos. We are going to have many meetings with people and listen to their needs. We do have that roots in the territory and we know perfectly the needs of each place and that is important”.

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A ‘word of mouth’ campaign very close to people

“We do not live in Madrid and we adapt the discourse to the other territories as other parties do”, agrees Cristina Blanco (the number one for Valladolid): “We we are the voice of experience, we are the ones who live in the villages, we know the problems they have and from our experience we want to take these problems to the courts”.

Blanco has urged his teammates to “fight together” and “put all the meat on the grill so that the demands of everything for which the neighbors have worked for so long become a reality”: “Unity is strength and we have very similar problems”.

We are the watchdogs of our territory and we want to remain so

Similarly, Nieves Trigueros (the candidate for Palencia), has proposed “continue to be the voice of the neighbors whatever the result. “We have built projects in our towns that have made us work a lot and with a lot of pain. We are watchdogs of our territory and we want to continue to be so,” he says.

The candidates say they are “excited and very keen to work” for Castilla y León because “there is hope”. But they insist that they will not be moved by “electoral perspectives” but rather “from neighbor to neighbor, from you to you” to get to know the terrain and its needs.


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