Elkarrekin Podemos-IU will present an amendment to the totality of the 2022 CAV budgets


Budgets of the CAV 2022

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The coalition has made the decision after the Basque Government has informed them that it is not going to include in the negotiation its three “strategic” proposals, the public energy company, the hiring of laid-off toilets and the pact for public schools.


Miren Gorrotxategi

Together We Can-IU will present a amendment to the whole to the 2022 budgets after the Basque Government has informed them that it will not include its three “strategic” proposals in the negotiation.

The spokeswoman for the purple group in the Basque Parliament, Miren Gorrotxategi, explained that in the meeting last Friday, the Basque Government made it clear to them that it “does not want to speak” in this negotiation of the creation of a public renewable energy company, from recovery of 4,000 toilets for which the contract has not been renewed after the end of the health alert, nor a educational pact in favor of public schools.

Sources of this group have announced that the Minister of Finance and Economy, Pedro Azpiazu, has communicated this Tuesday that does not accept these three proposals, so they feel the “obligation” to present this amendment.

Shortly before Azpiazu’s call, Gorrotxategi appeared before the media to warn the Basque Government that it was up to him to decide if he wanted to avoid this amendment to the whole or if he kept these three issues out of the negotiation, because if so, they would ask for the return of the project.

Gorrotxategi has reiterated that the counterproposal presented by the Minister of Finance and Economy to his proposals “does not alter anything” the previous positions and after last Friday’s meeting he already recognized that it made them “quite difficult” to reach an agreement.

Carlos Iturgaiz, spokesman for the popular Basques in the Basque Parliament, also announced this morning the intention of PP + Cs to amend the entire budget.

Despite these two amendments, the budgets are guaranteed approval, since the groups that support the Government, PNV and PSE-EE, have a majority in Parliament.

Elkarrekin’s law proposition Podemos-IU

Given the refusal of the Basque Government to include in the negotiation the creation of a public renewable energy company Elkarrekin Podemos-IU has registered a bill on Tuesday for it.

The objective is that by 2050 the oligopoly will not be obliged to pay the energy bill, which currently receives public funds from the Basque Government that later “never revert to the benefit of the citizenry.”

The spokesperson for Elkarrekin Podemos-IU in the Basque Parliament has defended “advancing energy sovereignty” with measures such as the one proposed by her group, registered to “alleviate the disinterest” of the regional government on this matter.

Gorrotxategi has concluded that the energy oligopoly “blackmails” the citizens it wants as “mere payers of its bills.”


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