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Rumors about British royal family upset over BBC documentary Princes and the press They have been a constant for the last few days in the UK media, but now, the disagreement has become official and public. On Monday night, the British royal house, headed by Queen Elizabeth II, accused the network of giving credibility on the tape to “exaggerated and unfounded claims.” It has done so through a joint statement that television itself has issued at the end of the first chapter. In it, the BBC claims that he went to Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Kensington Palace for comment and that the result has been such a statement. “A free, responsible and open press is of vital importance for a healthy democracy. However, too often, exaggerated and unfounded claims from anonymous sources are presented as fact and it is disappointing when someone, including the BBC, gives them credibility, ”said the royal family, in an unusual statement sent to the BBC.

As published in the Daily Mail, the British royal house has threatened to boycott future BBC projects after not allowing it to preview the contents of the film, the second episode of which will air on December 9. The first chapter reviews the main events in the lives of the two children of Diana of Wales and Charles of England between 2012 and 2018, when the youngest of the two brothers, Prince Harry, got engaged to Meghan Markle. Throughout almost an hour of the program, the supposed competition between the different royal houses of the British monarchy is reflected and refers to an episode that occurred in November 2018, known as the Tiaragate, and in which Markle asked to wear an emerald tiara at her wedding to Henry of England, something that Queen Elizabeth II allegedly refused. The refusal of the sovereign generated a dispute in which it is stated that Enrique went so far as to say that what “Meghan wants, Meghan gets.”

In addition to the statement written by the British royal family, the documentary also features the appearance of the lawyer Jenny Afia, of the Schillings law firm, who has represented Meghan Markle on several occasions. In an interview on camera, Afia insists that the accusations that the duchess intimidated the royal house staff are “false” and assures that the “narrative” that it is “difficult to work with the former actress is not true. Suits”, Referring to Markle and her past in the world of acting. The lawyer’s testimony, according to BBC presenter and media editor Amol Rajan, has been published with the consent of the Duchess of Sussex. In its review of the first episode, the newspaper The Guardian defines Rajan as a declared republican who, on occasion, has described the royal family as “absurd” and the media as means of “propaganda” in the service of the monarchy.

Journalist Omid Scobie, known for being the author of the controversial biography of the Dukes of Sussex, Finding Freedom, It also has its place in the first episode, in which it states that it has been other royal houses – belonging to the British royal family – who have reported negative stories related to the couple formed by Henry of England and Meghan Markle, although it does not reach reveal no name. “There were some people who felt that she [Markle] she needed to be put in her place. And I think leaking a negative story is punishment, ”says Scobie.


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