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The PP has won the elections in Castilla y León, winning 31 seatstwo more than it had, but far from the objective of approaching the absolute majority, so it will depend on Vox to govern, since this party has obtained 13 representatives, while the PSOE, which has lost seven attorneys and achieves 28 parliamentarians, he has been left without the possibility of governing even if he joined United We Can, Citizens and minority parties.

The only possible sum to invest a president is that of the PP and Vox, since they would bring together up to 44 attorneys, three above the 41 established for the parliamentary majority in the Cortes of Castilla y León.

The Union of the Leonese People (UPL) is the fourth force in Castilla y León, which increases its representation from one to three attorneys, followed by Soria ¡YA! who enters Parliament for the first time in fifth position with three other representatives. United We Can falls to sixth place and one representative of the two it had is left and Ciudadanos suffers a debacle by going from 12 seats to one. Finally, Por Ávila remains the same, with one seat.

A total of 2.09 million Castilian-Leonese were called to vote this Sunday in regional elections that for the first time are held alone and that have registered the lowest participation in its history with 63%.

Mary Carmen Cruz

Mary Carmen Cruz


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    When you murder, you betray your political partner, you no longer give him votes. Mañueco has achieved fewer votes than ever. He has lost votes. What a political move. What a maneuver to change a moderate, liberal government and lose votes,” criticizes the Igea candidate and former vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León.

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    The PP is to another strategy, to a personal strategy, of party , criticizes Igea. “If this country only understands left-wing or right-wing blocs, it often changes the cycle.”

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    “We are going to try to force big agreements and avoid polarization. The scenario is similar to that of Congress, with polarization, confrontation… (…) I still don’t understand very well what is being celebrated in some places,” says Igea.

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    Igea believes that “a great agreement is necessary to carry out reforms” that cannot be postponed.

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    Igea says that it is useless to think what would have happened if the socialist candidate had been made president and affirms that now it is necessary to analyze how to improve the results.

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    “Arrimadas thanked us for the effort, because we have maintained our presence in Parliament. We will analyze the results today. Maintaining our presence is good news, but it is not something that satisfies me”, explains Igea.

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    The Ciudadanos candidate, Francisco Igea, is interviewed in The Mornings of RNE: “The brand was very punished, due to its own errors, of strategy. We left the 3rd and odd, with very bad expectations. We have achieved a seat. The results are not good and we have to reflect on how we can grow from here”.

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    On whether or not to support the investiture of Mañueco, Ceña assures that Soria ¡Ya! she does not rule it out: “Egea said that he was going to call everyone. We are waiting, we are open to an investiture pact provided that certain conditions are met, which seems to be possible. We’ll listen to what they have to say,” he says.

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    Asked if he will support Soria ¡Ya! a pact between PP and Vox, Ceña explains that they can talk to them, but has regretted that the formation of Santiago Abascal throughout the campaign “has been hostile to the emptied Spain”. “He despised one of the main arguments of our program, which is differentiated taxation, and said that he did not share it and for us it is the leitmotiv of our representation.” Ceña does not know “whether a roll on the right would be convenient or not.” “We have 35 years of PP government in this land,” she stresses.

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    “Our movement, Soria ¡Ya!, had more history, 21 years of social movement and the other candidacies, no. But if they continue to work well, they will be able to consolidate,” explains Ceña about the triumph of his candidacy with respect to the other candidacies of the emptied Spain.

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    Ceña advances that Syria Now! will stand in the general election when they are summoned.

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    “The Citizens of Soria have banged their fists on the table and have said enough of unfulfilled promises“, assures the candidate of Soria ¡Ya!, Ángel Ceña, in an interview in The Mornings of RNE. He says that his goal is “to try to make the party that governs, which seems to be the PP, at least fulfill its program, because within its program there are points that Soria has already claimed for years.”

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    The emptied Spain bursts into Castilla y León, although only Syria Now! enter parliament, since the other four candidacies remain outside the Cortes. Read the information by Álvaro Caballero.

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    Union of the Leonese People triples its results and becomes the third force in León. Read the information from Rocío Gil Grande.

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    United We Can lose a seat and remain on the verge of disappearance in Castilla y León, by achieving only one attorney. Read the information from Sofía Soler.

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    Vox shoots up in Castilla y León, going from one prosecutor to 13 and becoming the third force and key to the PP government. Read the information from Irene Fedriani.

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    The PSOEwhich was the winner in the 2019 elections, loses seven seats and he is left with no chance of governing nor by adding United We Can and the minority parties. Read the information from Rocío Gil Grande.

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    one of the big losers of the regional elections has been citizens, which suffers one of the biggest setbacks, sinking and achieving only one seat, that of its candidate, Francisco Igea. Read the information by Álvaro Caballero.

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    The PP has won the regional elections, but it will depend on Vox to govern Castilla y León by not achieving the absolute majority as it longed for. Read the chronicle of María Menéndez.

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    Good morning, we begin the minute narration of the post-electoral day in Castilla y León, in which the parties will assess the results.


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