Elections Castilla y León | Ayuso defends the pact with Vox

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has called for “solid” support this Tuesday so that the PP candidate for the elections in Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, can form a “strong” government without needing anyone ” after February 13, although he has recognized that, if necessary, prefers to agree “with Ortega Lara’s party”, in reference to Voxrather than “with those who agree with those who kidnapped him.”

This has been stated by the ‘popular’ leader in an electoral act held in Valladolid, where she has warned that “although it is not necessary”, she hopes that an understanding will be achieved between those parties that are not going to “go through the hoop of amorality of the Pedro Sánchez project”, for which he recalled the figure of José Antonio Ortega Lara from Burgos, kidnapped for 532 days by the terrorist group ETA. “I wish we didn’t need it, but even if I didn’t need it, I would always agree before with Ortega Lara’s party than with those who agree with those who kidnapped him,” the president stressed.

Ayuso has doubled his presence in the Castilla y León campaign, in order to help the ‘popular’ candidate achieve or at least get closer to that desired absolute majority. The Madrid leader assured, when the elections were called, that she would always be available to the party and, although initially her presence was to be limited to one day, she has returned this week to support Mañueco, who has lost strength according to the latest polls and would need the support of VOX to govern.

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Likewise, he stressed to those present that in this “final stretch” of the campaign for Sunday’s elections, we must not “stop pedaling” because “The 2023 Tour” of the municipal “starts now” and “all the obstacles will be easier to face” with a PP government in the Junta de Castilla y León. “Keep pedaling to the urn”, he encouraged her.

Ask for support for the PP to stop “sanchism and its left”

On this twelfth day of campaigning ahead of Sunday’s elections, Ayuso has defended, as he did last Friday in Burgos, the work of Alfonso Fernández Mañueco at the head of the Board during the pandemic, an episode “very difficult” to manage and that it cannot be faced “in an unstable way” and with “coalitions” as also happened in the Community of Madrid “and as happens in the Government of Spain”.

Thus, he has asked for support for the PP in these elections so that “sanchismo and its left-wing do not continue to spread throughout Spain” and he has asked who’s life “has improved” since Pedro Sánchez is in Moncloa “apart from the one of those who hate Spain”. “The sanchismo does not call in favor of anything, but against“, criticized Ayuso, who has referred to the determination of the left to “review everything” that “gives meaning” to Spain “as a nation”, as well as “all Western values, the Church, the monarchy, the traditions popular, to the capital of Spain, to the company and to the businessmen”.

The president of the Community of Madrid has also charged against the socialist candidate, Luis Tudanca, whom she has accused of “blaming Madrid” for the problems of Castilla y León in an example, in his opinion, “cheap nationalism”. “We have seen everything, Franco in a helicopter,” he stated, later criticizing the fact that historical memory is more present than housing in the socialist program and “not a word” is included about the choice of educational centers. “My grandparents were from Castilla y León, they never told me about the Civil War because they wanted me free from hatred,” he said, after which he asked “what future do those who” appeal to the past “to legislate the present .

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Ayuso has warned that “there is nothing more dangerous in this life than half-truths”, for which he has lamented the use of the left, in his opinion, for “constantly dividing” with other debates such as feminism or the one related to the monarchy, on which it has been questioned whether “perhaps the two republics” that it has had have been good for Spain. In this sense, he has defended that the crown represents “centuries of history”, as well as “conquests and globalization” and in the face of the scandals that accuse him, he has refused to accept “lessons” from those who “have perpetuated the corruption of nationalism in Catalonia” or of the Junta de Andalucía “in 40 years”.

Mañueco vindicates Ayuso’s policies in Madrid

The PP candidate has also been very critical of Tudanca, and has warned that his victory on February 13, as happened in 2019, would put education, health and social services in the Community “at risk”. . “Do you want to risk that? Well then we have to mobilize like never before“, he pointed out.

Mañueco has vindicated Ayuso’s fiscal policy against a Tudanca that “is surrounded” by the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, who participated with him in an electoral act on Monday in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos). “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are, We already know what awaits us if he governs, a fiscal blow“, he specified. He has also opted to develop Ayuso’s support policies for families and job creation in Madrid in Castilla y León and has warned that the free education he has promised for education from zero to three years “also I would be at risk.”

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