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West Lothian Council’s elections are less than a month away.

Residents are voting in each of the county’s nine wards on polling day on Thursday, May 5.

Here you can find out who you can vote for in the area where you live.

A total of 73 people will contest 33 seats on the council.

Labor and the SNP, are putting up the most candidates across the wards, while the Tories and Liberal Democrats each have a candidate in all nine.

This year, for the first time, the Greens too will contest all nine wards, and there are also a number of smaller political groups.

This year’s local council elections will see the stiffest competition in two wards, where 20 candidates will battle for eight seats.

These wards – East Livingston and East Calder and Livingston South – are currently home to respective Labor and Tory Group leaders, Lawrence Fitzpatrick in Livingston South and Damian Doran-Timson in East Calder.

Joining the fray in these two wards will be three independents.

In East Livingston and East Calder Frank Anderson, who was deselected after 34 years as an SNP councilor in the ward and representative of Craigshill since 1988, will challenge the SNP’s Veronica Smith.

In Livingston South, Eddie Anderson, who runs the successful Facebook news site West Lothian News, stands as an Independent, as will Eddie Millar.

In Broxburn, Uphall and Winchburgh – home to SNP group leader Janet Campbell – nine candidates will contest four seats.

A second independence vote is not an issue which local authorities can address or influence.

However, alternative independence supporting candidates representing Alex Salmond’s Alba party will stand in three wards, and an alternative Independence for Scotland candidate will threaten the SNP vote in Armadale and Blackridge.

In Armadale and Blackridge, long-serving sole Independent councilor Stuart Borrowman is also defending his seat.

The Scottish Family Party has fielded candidates in the east of the county in Livingston, Broxburn, Uphall and Winchburgh and Linlithgow.

Further information on the election including guidance on voter registration can be viewed via the West Lothian Council website.

Visit: https://www.westlothian.gov.uk/vote-local-2022

Here are the candidates where you live:


Pamela Barnes, Scottish Green Party;

Tom Conn, Labor and Cooperative Party;

Chris Horne, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party;

Pauline Orr, Scottish National Party;

Sally Pattle, Scottish Liberal Democrats;

Rick Smith, Scottish Family Party;


Diane Calder, Scottish National Party;

Janet Campbell, Scottish National Party;

Charles McKenzie Corser, Scottish Liberal Democrats;

Ann Davidson, Scottish Labor Party;

Angela Doran-Timson, Scottish Conservative and Unionists;

Hazel McLeod, Scottish Labor Party;

Phil Noble, Alba Party for Independence;

Kenneth Alexander Sutherland, Scottish Family Party;

Cam Wright, Scottish Green Party;


Alison Adamson, Scottish Conservative and Unionists Party;

Robert Bell, Scottish Family Party;

Robert de Bold, Scottish National Party;

Catrina McDonald, Scottish Liberal Democrats;

Anne McMillan, Scottish Labor Party;

Andrew Miller, Scottish National Party;

Michael Rae, Scottish Labor Party;

Mark Wilkinson, Scottish Green Party;


Eddie Anderson, Independent;

Lawrence Fitzpatrick, Scottish Labor Party;

Cameron Glasgow, Scottish Green Party;

Margaret Hamilton, Scottish Family Party;

Peter Heggie, Scottish Conservative and Unionists;

Caron Lindsay, Scottish Liberal Democrats;

Maria MacAulay, Scottish National Party;

Moira McKee Shemilt, Scottish National Party;

Eddie Miller, Independent;

Craig Smith, Scottish Labor Party;


Frank Anderson, Independent;

Damian Doran-Timson, Scottish Conservative and Unionists;

Neal Drummond, Scottish Green Party;

Robert Durie Howden, Scottish Liberal Democrats;

Ruth Hutchison, Scottish Family Party;

Carl John, Scottish National Party;

Danny Logue, Scottish Labor Party;

Andy Rafferty, Scottish Labor Party;

Veronica Smith, Scottish National Party;

Thomas George Ullathorne, Scottish National Party;


Neil Barnes, Scottish Green Party;

Pauline Clark, Scottish National Party;

Elaine Fairbairn, Scottish Conservative and Unionists;

Greg McCarra, Scottish National Party;

Craig Meek, Scottish Labor Party;

Hani Mohamed, Alba Party for Independence;

Cathy Muldoon, Scottish Labor Party;

Gillian Pattle, Scottish Liberal Democrats;


Jim Dickson, Scottish National Party;

Mary Robertson Dickson, Scottish National Party;

Bruce Fairbairn, Scottish Conservative and Unionists;

Derek Graham Pattle, Scottish Liberal Democrats;

George Paul, Labor and Cooperative Party;

Carol Racionzer, Scottish Green Party;

Kirsteen Sullivan, Labor and Cooperative Party;


William Hannah Boyle, Scottish National Party;

Harry Cartmill, Scottish Labor Party;

Gordon Dent, Alba Party for Independence;

Siobhan Flannigan, Scottish Green Party;

Charles Kennedy, Scottish Conservative and Unionists;

John Swanson Mackenzie, Scottish Liberal Democrats;

Tony Pearson, Scottish Labor Party;

Pauline Stafford, Scottish National Party;


Stuart Borrowman, Independent;

Sophie Brodie, Scottish Green Party;

John Hannah, Independence for Scotland Party;

Lynda Kenna, Scottish National Party;

Helen Mackenzie, Scottish Liberal Democrats;

Andrew McGuire, Scottish Labor Party;

Chris Terry, Scottish Conservative and Unionists;

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