El Gordo from the Christmas Lottery, number 86,148


The Christmas Lottery Jackpot has fallen this year to 86,148 and has distributed a total of 640 million euros mainly in Madrid, but also in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Santoña (Cantabria) and Ayamonte (Huelva), and could have reached many more provinces because one of the awarded Administrations is located in the Atocha AVE Station, frequented daily by thousands of travelers. The winners take a prize of four million to the series and 400,000 euros per tenth; While the two approaches to the Gordo, the numbers before and after, also obtain a prize of 20,000 euros each.

Paula Figuereo has been in charge of singing this award and Yanisse Alexandra Soto has put the figure of four million euros to a number that has been requested until 12:12 noon, in the seventh table, when the second, third, two fourths and four fifths had already come out. Together with them, Salvador Constantin Roa and Fernanda Daniela Laborde Arias have drawn the number and prize balls, respectively.

The mornings of RNE with Pepa Fernández – 86,148, el Gordo de la Lotería de Navidad 2021 – Listen now

Paula and Yanisse, visibly moved, gave us a tender moment after singing the award. The RTVE cameras have been able to capture the brief and exciting conversation they have had between them after singing El Gordo. “I love you a lot“One said to the other, who, in turn, responded:” and me too. “

1,300 tickets sold at Madrid’s Atocha Station

The number 86,148 has been sold mainly in Madrid, although it could be widely distributed throughout the country, since one of the graceful Administrations is located in the Atocha Station. There have been a total of 1,300 tenths or, what is the same, 520 million euros distributed in prizes.

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Javier García was the owner of this Administration until last December 6, after 25 years at the helm. He assures RTVE.es that he feels “happy” and “excited” to distribute so much luck throughout Spain, since most of the tickets have been sold among the travelers who frequent the station. “As a good bullfighter I like to go out through the front door“, he said, referring to his retirement, which he will now enjoy” in style. “

A palm tree distributes 160 million euros

El Gordo has also reached Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where 16 million euros have been distributed through 400 tenths. Esther, owner of lottery number 54, in the El Mirador shopping center, tells RTVE.es that it is a palm tree from Los Llanos de Aridane, the area most affected by the La Palma volcano. He has sent quite a few tenths to the island, but “unfortunately none of them have been from the awarded number”. “The people of La Palma are very needy, due to the volcano, and I would have liked to have distributed the Gordo there,” he says. Among the winners, many have been employees of the shopping center, and also people who go shopping at the center.

The mornings of RNE with Pepa Fernández – Fall 160 million from Gordo in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – Listen now

Precisely Ainhoa ​​and Aarón, aged 22 and 25, acquired the 86,148 in this Administration, an award that in addition to bringing 400,000 euros under their arms, will translate into wedding plans. “We have decided it right now”, they count in the Channel 24 Hours. It is “the luck of the beginner”, they explain, since it is the first time that they play the lottery. “In life we ​​are going to forget the number, we are nervous and this is total adrenaline”, they celebrate enthusiastically.

A couple from Las Palmas wins the Christmas Gordo: “We had never played”

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Santoña distributes El Gordo after 130 years

The number 1 administration of Santoña has distributed for the first time El Gordo de la Lotería de Navidad after 130 years of history, since this place began its activity in 1890. Since then, four generations have waited for El Gordo and it was not until this year when luck came to this town in Cantabria.

The head of the administration, Francisco Gómez, sold a complete series of 86,148, endowed with 4 million euros, during the first week of July, so the prize can also be distributed throughout the country, as it is acquired by many cars. “We are crazy happy,” he acknowledges, who does not know who are the winners with those tenths of a “random” number, all acquired from the window.

Where are the prizes collected?

In all SELAE draws there are two types of prizes: minor and major. The smaller prizes are those in which you get 2,000 euros or less as a prize, while the largest are those that exceed this amount.

The minor prizes can be charged at any of the points of sale of the Lottery Commercial Network from the day after the draw.

In case of winning more than 2,000 euros for one tenth, the winner must go to a financial institution authorized by SELAE. In order to pay the winner, the documentation and information necessary to comply with the legal obligations to identify him as a winner will be asked. In case of sharing a tenth of the Christmas Lottery, all participants must be present with your documentation. And if the group is very large, a representative of all the winners can be appointed to act and take the appropriate steps on behalf of all by means of a power of attorney in a public document before a notary public.

How is the Christmas Lottery collected?

If you have a lower prize, you will collect it in cash and if it is higher, by check or transfer to the bearer’s bank Of the prize. In any of the cases, the payment of the prize is made immediately, without being able to charge any type of expense, surcharge or commission, in the case of financial entities.

How much does Hacienda keep from the Christmas Lottery prizes?

Until 2012 The winners of the State Lottery and Betting draws were exempt from paying tax at the time, regardless of the amount won, but also The Treasury charged a percentage through the Wealth Tax and Personal Income Tax. But nevertheless, lottery taxation in Spain changed in 2018 after the approval of the General Budgets of that same year.

Since then there is a fixed percentage that the Treasury takes for any type of raffle carried out by both SELAE and ONCE. This includes, of course, El Gordo de Navidad. All money that exceeds the exempt minimum must make a contribution of 20% to the Treasury, an amount that has risen to 40,000 euros in 2020 and that according to Law 16/2012, of December 27, is applied to “the prizes of lotteries and bets organized by the public business entity Loterías y Apuestas del Estado and by the or entities of the Autonomous Communities, as well as the raffles organized by the Spanish Red Cross and the ONCE “. Here we tell you where and when to collect your lottery prize.


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