El Gordo de la Lotería del Niño 2022 waters millions of Logroño: “This prize takes me to retirement” | Draw of the Lottery of the Child 2022

The Extraordinary Draw of the Children’s Lottery has brought its luck to La Rioja, the community in which the first prize has been awarded in full. The number 41665 has irrigated the capital of La Rioja with 100 million euros, since it has been sold in the administration number six of the city, located at Calle Muro del Carmen, 4. The winner is a number to which this lottery office is subscribed since 1973 and which has also been sold since 1985 in the Trumpeta de Plata bar. The biggest prize in the Children’s Lottery, which this Thursday has distributed 700 million euros, consists of 2,000,000 euros per series, that is, 200,000 euros per tenth. To make matters worse, in this case it has been doubly awarded: in addition to being the number with the highest economic endowment, its completion in 665 has been one of the awarded withdrawals of three numbers, with which El Gordo will also distribute another 100 euros, it is In other words, the total amount that a person takes with each tenth of the first prize is 200,100 gross euros.

Logroño has uncorked more wine than champagne to celebrate the rain of millions. There are several hundred winners, since the 500 tenths of the winning number have been sold tenth to tenth in the lottery administration and in the bar. The joy has overflowed in these two parts of the city of Logroño, to which several winners have approached to celebrate their luck: “We divorced the bank! We’re going to Formentera! ”Shouted a client from the Trumpeta de Plata bar.

Ángel and Ignacio Alda Pérez, in charge of the lottery administration, have sold 41665 every week since 1973, both in ordinary draws and in Christmas and Children’s draws. “It is a number to which we are subscribed throughout the year and only we sell. It is something we inherited from our grandparents Mari Carmen and Marco. It’s a tribute to them, ”says Ángel at the gates of the lottery stand, with a glass of Rioja wine in hand and a tray with roscón de Reyes that he offers to his customers. They do not have any tenth of the 41665, but their satisfaction is “full”, says Ángel: “We are immensely happy, because luck has come to many families. There are even people who have passed away, but their children continue to buy the same number. And we want to dedicate it to our grandmother ”, who passed away in the summer of 2020.

In this office of the Aldas, approximately 28 series (280 tenths) of the first prize will have been sold – their managers did not yet know with total certainty. The remaining 22 series have been purchased at the Trumpeta de Plata bar. The cafeteria of the camping de Haro, who had reserved nine tenths, points out Francisco, an administration employee. Manuel has reached this point, with his tenth in his portfolio, happy and with clear ideas about the destination that he is going to give the 168,080 euros after deducting the bill that the Treasury charges: “I am already old and in poor health. This award brings me to retirement; I’ll talk to the company to see what they offer me and I’m going ”.

In the western part of the city, in a middle-class neighborhood that has grown a lot in population for a couple of decades, the bustle inside the Trumpeta bar was tremendous. Yoli Jiménez and her daughter Yolanda, surely millionaires without knowing it, continued to serve customers even though they knew they were lucky and very happy for having sold more than 200 tenths of the first prize. Many customers have come to this “traditional” tavern to thank the owners: “Mendos Reyes who have brought us”, “you are the best, you deserve it”, “millions of thanks”, they said regulars to the bar.

Yoli was at work this afternoon when a client told her that they had touched 100 euros in the number that this bar sells. “First we thought it was only 100 euros, but then we verified that it was the first prize. This is incredible, ”says Yoli as she clears the bar. Yolanda daughter, also rolled up and with a permanent smile, acknowledged that “from now on we are going to work in a different way, with another hope.” Neither Yoli nor Yolanda know exactly how much they got. The mother says that the tenth winners have her husband, Toño, “but he has not appeared here yet,” he explains. Francisco, an administration employee with the winning number, also approached the bar, carrying some cards with the number 41665: “I have a great friendship with them. I have been coming every Friday to bring you this number for 25 years. They are humble and hard-working people. They deserve it, ”says the lottery.

Noelia Garnés (right), a worker in the lottery administration of the Murcian district of Sangonera la Seca, celebrates with a client after selling numbers of 44,469, awarded with the second prize of the extraordinary draw of the Children's lottery.

The second prize has gone to the number 44469. It is endowed with 750,000 euros per series, that is, 75,000 euros per tenth, and has been one of the most distributed in this Thursday’s draw. The tickets have been sold in numerous cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela, Valencia, Albacete, Córdoba, Málaga, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, San Sebastián, Vitoria, Alicante, Palma, Oviedo, Burgos, Córdoba, Granada and Almeria.

The extraordinary draw for the Children’s lottery in the Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (LAE) drawing room. EFE

“Here if we have distributed luck to someone, it is workers, that is our audience,” says Pilar Vega, owner of the Atocha (Madrid) administration in which she has won a second prize in the Lotería del Niño. The lottery ensures that those who stop to try their luck in their business are especially those who come and go every day from the towns around Madrid to the capital, reports Patricia Peiro. “At seven in the morning, many times there are already people queuing here,” says Vega. They weren’t planning to open today, but when they were informed that they had sold the second prize, she and her employee went to her business to raise the blind. “I said: ‘Surely it is not in the other administration, right?” Laughs Vega. El Gordo de Navidad was sold in this same hall a few days ago – in another administration – and this time it was their turn to distribute luck to them.

The second prize was also sold in Madrid, on Calle San Millán, in an administration where Javier López works: “It is a number paid to this administration, there are customers who buy it regularly, so it is to be assumed that this time also, although no one has come to collect yet ”. “It is a rare number, when figures are repeated, people prefer another, but so that everyone can see that everything touches,” adds López. His family has had this administration since 2012 and it is the first time they have given such a high award. Leidi, her employee, smiles while holding some balloons. “Now we move to a nearby street, let’s see if we’re lucky there too!”

Noelia Garnés (right), worker of the lottery administration of the Murcian district of Sangonera la Seca, celebrates this Thursday with a client the sale of a second prize of the Lotería del Niño.
Noelia Garnés (right), worker of the lottery administration of the Murcian district of Sangonera la Seca, celebrates this Thursday with a client the sale of a second prize of the Lotería del Niño.Marcial Guillén (Efe)

The Valencian Community has been the third that has spent the most on the Children’s Lottery, 24.84 euros per person. Luck has returned part of that “investment” with the second prize, 44469, sold in several Valencian lottery administrations, distributed by Paiporta, Mislata, Gandia, in four points of sale in Valencia capital, Tavernes de la Valldigna, Aldaia, Villanueva de Castellón, Yátova, Loriguilla and Carlet, in the Alicante towns of Petrer, Cox, Callosa de Segura, Orihuela, Torrevieja El Campello, Elche and Alicante, and in the Castellón towns of Cinctorres, Nules and Vila-real. In most cases they have been very punctual sales, reports Maria Fabra.

Graced with the number 19467 they celebrate this Thursday the third prize of the Lotería del Niño draw in an administration in Valencia.
Graced with the number 19467 they celebrate this Thursday the third prize of the Lotería del Niño draw in an administration in Valencia.Juan Carlos Cárdenas (EFE)

The third prize in the draw, which began at 12 noon in the State Lottery and Betting assembly hall through the multiple pots system, has fallen to the number 19467. The third largest prize distributed by this draw is endowed with 250,000 euros per series, that is, 25,000 euros per tenth. Like the second prize, the third prize has been widely distributed, as it has been sold in the provinces of A Coruña, Barcelona, ​​Cádiz, Córdoba, Cuenca, Las Palmas, León, Málaga, Pontevedra, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Valencia.

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