EITB turns to 25N, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women



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As a common thread common to all media, EITB will focus this year on women who, in addition to having been abused, have to pay a high cost for living protected.

EITB turns over with November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, with the aim of giving visibility and denouncing the violence that is exercised against women throughout the world. For this, EITB will offer special content in the programming of all its media.

This year the treatment will be carried out through a crossmedia, a common thread common to all EITB media, which in this case will focus on women who, in addition to having been abused, have to pay the high cost of living protected. For this, the informational spaces of EITB, EITB Albisteak, in its main strip, will have the direct testimony of victims, as well as the point of view of experts.

In addition to the re-victimization of women who have suffered sexist violence, EITB will address in the broadcast of its spaces other points of view in which sexist violence materializes, such as that which occurs against young and old women in the public and private spheres.

On TV, first thing in the morning, the informative “Good morning Euskadi” of ETB1 will have as a guest Izaskun Landaida, director of Emakunde. The current magazine “En Jake” ETB2 will deal with young macho attitudes in adolescence and youth, such as cell phone control or harassment on social networks.

In the afternoon, the program “Ahoz Aho ” ETB1 will also focus on violence against women, as the culmination of a week in which she has dealt with the issue every day from a different perspective. “Biba You!”For its part, it will address violence against women, focusing on the importance of society being vigilant.

The program “We took to the streets” ETB2 will feature testimonies from victims of sexist violence who have overcome the situation, to show how you can get out of something like this and move on with life.

On radio, “News Factory” from Euskadi Irratia will collect the testimony of a woman with an escort and will discuss the path faced by victims of sexist violence during the judicial process. In the magazine, they will receive the researcher Josune Muñoz, who will speak about violence in television series aimed at adolescents. The program “Baipasa” It will deal with violence against women in the networks, from the point of view of experts and young people.

The program “Boulevard”, On Radio Euskadi, it will feature the testimony of a woman with an escort, and a subsequent gathering on violence against women with experts on the subject. Likewise, they will have as a guest Beatriz Artolazabal, Minister of Equality, Justice and Social Policies. “Euskadi District”, for its part, will address the issue with women between 50 and 70 years old who have suffered violence for decades and who have managed to break with that situation. They will also discuss sexist micro-violence and speak with journalists from Pikara Magazine.

The team of eitb.eus offers during these days interviews and special reports that help to make violence against women visible. They also have a special website where all the content generated in the different EITB media is being collected. On the other hand, eitb.eus will offer streaming the Beldur Barik meeting aimed at young people, on Friday, November 26, starting at 7:00 p.m.


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