EITB premieres ‘Memoria Eraikiz’, an audiovisual project within the framework of memory and human rights


Premiere, Thursday

EITB Media

A documentary series of four chapters, four podcasts and two video podcasts make up the audiovisual project ‘Memoria Eraikiz’, which was born from the alliance of EITB and the Gogora Institute and aims to restore and promote the values ​​of freedom, equality and dignity of all people

EITB opens this Thursday the audiovisual project “Memoria Eraikiz”, a transmedia documentary series of four chapters that will be broadcast on ETB1 and ETB2 and that is born from the alliance between EITB and the Institute for Memory, Coexistence and Human Rights Remember, within the framework of memory and the promotion of human rights.

The project “Memoria Eraikiz” aims to restore and promote values ​​such as freedom, equality and human dignity through a documentary series of four chapters of different themes, four podcasts and two video podcasts, produced by the New Media production company.

The next Thursday, November 18, the first chapter of “Memoria Eraikiz” will be released on ETB1 and eitb.eus at 10:30 p.m., and that same day, the first podcast will be available on the platform EITBPodcast. The next November 29th the first delivery will be issued in ETB2.

The first chapter of the series, Frightened voices / Voces intimidadas, will collect the testimonies of threatened PP and PSE councilors and their families, and will recall the persecution they suffered for years, with an escort and anonymity. In addition, with experts and politicians who lived through that time, they will reflect on the involvement of Basque society in such a situation.

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The second chapter, Radical Basque rock!? / Basque rock Radical?!, will deal with the lyrics of some of the songs of the reference groups of the time, to analyze them from the current point of view and reflect on their messages.

The third chapter, Coming out of oblivion / Coming out of oblivion, will collect the cases of three victims of illegal police violence recognized by Law 12/2016 of July 28. He will collect the life stories of victims of police abuse and will speak with the experts that make up the commission evaluating the cases, forensic doctors, psychologists and experts.

The fourth chapter, Shot women. Absent memory / Shot women. The absent memory, will revolve around the story of the executed journalist Juana Mir. History, which will be the common thread of a program that will bring to mind the stories of many other women tortured and shot during the Civil War. An analysis with a gender perspective of the Civil War database, which has brought to light almost a thousand cases of female victims who have been practically invisible until now.

Open debate to the new generations in two video podcasts

The “Memoria Eraikiz” project will also include two video podcasts related to the first two installments of the documentary. The first two chapters will have a circle of reflection on each topic that the youtuber Julen Hernandez will move young people, opening the debate to new generations to understand their vision of what happened and generate a debate from a new intergenerational perspective.

In addition, coinciding with each installment of the documentary, a podcast will be released which will deal with the same theme, highlighting the most striking elements that mark the structure of the documentary. In addition, a more exhaustive profile of the protagonists will be offered to understand their point of view and help reflection. The journalist Jesus Artetxe will be the host of this podcast series, which will be available on the platform EITBPodcast.

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The topics that will be covered in each of the installments of the documentary series will also be available at EITB Nahieran, and the project will feature a special web eitb.eus/memoriaerakiz, where the testimonies, videos and photos of each of the documentaries will be collected.


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