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You can still make more donations for Alzheimer’s research: the telephone number 900 840 750 will remain open until 10:00 p.m. on Saturday, and the option to make contributions through bizum and on the EITB Maratoia website will be available until 31 December. March.

The Alzheimer’s has been the cause chosen by EITB for its twenty-second solidarity marathon, and EITB Marathon 2021 has obtained a collection of 885 951 euros that will go to the research Alzheimer’s. With the motto Alzheimer’s is a heart disease, EITB Maratoia has experienced a new great solidarity day this 2021, as a solidarity project of all Basque society. One more year, EITB wants to transfer its most sincere thanks to all the people who have joined this fight, for their effort and dedication.

Throughout yesterday, the EITB group media (Euskal Telebista, Euskadi Irratia, Radio Euskadi, Radio Vitoria, Gaztea and eitb.eus) turned their attention to EITB Maratoia. In addition, around 150 known faces from the different spheres of Basque society were actively involved responding to the calls made to the freephone 900 840 750.

Donations were also collected both through the EITB Marathon website, through the accounts of Caixabank, Laboral Kutxa and Kutxabank authorized and through bizum (solidarity donation: 33478). The telephone number 900 840 750 will remain open until 10:00 p.m. on Saturday 18, and donations can continue to be made online for Alzheimer’s research until March 31.

Basque society has once again shown its solidarity and the ability to fully dedicate itself to a cause, such as the fight against Alzheimer’s this year, in a campaign that has revolved around memories. Throughout these weeks, more than 850 contributions in the form of memories and versions have been shared on the EITB Maratoia website.

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Along with them, of course, donations for research, among which stand out the 3829 calls received in the call-center. The contribution media received has been from 88,41 euros, Y the most repeated is 50 euros. Highlights the donation made by an individual, what donated 30.000 euros.

There were calls from boys and girls, like the brothers Mikel and Ane; and of many people with people sick Alzheimer’s in your close circle or even at home. One of them called to make a contribution of 300 euros and later called again to donate another 700 euros.

Too workers from a hospital, where a colleague has died of Alzheimer’s, they have been raising money to donate it; and even workers of a company have donated the amount of their Christmas meal to EITB Maratoia, since they are not going to celebrate it.

What curious fact, there was the case of a person who, for third year in a row the same familiar face picked up the phone.

There were many celebrities and personalities who joined yesterday to collect calls in the call-center, and constantly highlighted the closeness and the emotional stories of citizenship on the other end of the phone. Those who collaborated yesterday by picking up the phone left in many cases excited from the EITB headquarters.

And it is that the contributions received have been many and varied: Individuals, families, companies, workers, associations, institutions, banks … Isabel Octavio, Strategy and Communication Director of EITB, at the close of the session yesterday, thanked the participation of the whole society, and underlined the iimportance of the awareness and visibility campaign of the illness.

EITB Maratoia: Project open to Basque society

Through EITB Maratoia, EITB assumes for another year an active role as agent of transformation social in alliance with the main institutions in the fields of health and health research in the Basque Country, within the framework of their duty and commitment as public service regarding the Causes and the issues that most concern society.

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EITB Maratoia has become a project open to Basque society that seeks the direct participation of all citizens through two essential lines: on the one hand, raise money destined to the investigation of the disease, and on the other, to carry out a information and awareness campaign.

Within the framework of this information and awareness campaign, this year EITB Maratoia has also had a participatory action that has revolved around the memories, since, as the motto of this edition reads, Alzheimer’s is a heart disease, because it erases the memory and the most beloved memories of the people. Thus, citizens have been encouraged to share your memories and, of course, to send their versions. On the web a digital space dedicated to memory in which we can see, save and share the memories that we do not want to forget: photos, audio notes, videos and texts … The song “How beautiful it will be”, of the ZETAK group, has put the soundtrack to those memories and to this edition, who has received 850 contributions between memories and versions. One more year familiar faces, anonymous people, senior centers and many and many schools have thrown themselves into action. EITB Maratoia continues to receive memories and versions, which will be posted on the web.

Finally, EITB wants thank the support and collaboration of institutions, associations and companies that have joined the EITB Maratoia 2021 campaign: The Department of Health of the Basque Government, The Department of Education of the Basque Government, Ampo, Arin, Bilbao Port, Boslan, Caixabank, DanoBat Group, Dikar, Basque Technology Parks, Euskastel Foundation, Fagor, Erreka, Indar Ingeteam Group, Irizar, Laboral Kutxa, Metro Bilbao, Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Mutualia, Osakidetza, Saunier Duval, Smurfit Kappa, Tesa Assa Abloy, Vaillant and Vital Fundazioa.

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Thank you very much to all and sundry!

What is all that generosity going to translate into?

Once the collection is closed, BIOEF (Basque Foundation for Health Research and Innovation) publishes a call for aid to finance research projects. In this way, requests for specific projects are received, which are rigorously evaluated in its scientific-technical capacity by external expert evaluators. Once the projects are deemed eligible for funding, a court evaluates the projects of greater scientific interest and greater applicability. In this court, in addition to scientists, Osakidetza doctors and members of the Health Department, patient associations also participate. These are usually projects lasting about three years carried out by different types of research centers in the Basque Country.

EITB Maratoia has been 20 years working around the diseases that most concern Basque society and promoting their research. The solidarity of society has made it possible to allocate to date 6.4 million euros for 111 research projects on cancer (childhood, lung and breast, among others), stroke, neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, autism, intellectual disability, mental illness, acquired brain damage, transplants and rare diseases, among others, among others.

BIOEF, Basque Foundation for Healthcare Innovation and Research, is a foundation of the Basque public sector created in 2002 by the Department of Health of the Basque Government.


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