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EITB will offer special content on television, radio and the Internet on December 3. Likewise, the EITB headquarters in Bilbao will host the institutional act of the Basque Government.

EITB joins the International Basque Day this Friday, December 3, with special content on television, radio and the Internet. In addition, EITB headquarters in Bilbao will host the institutional event which commemorates the day and which can be seen live on ETB1 and eitb.eus from 7:00 p.m.

ETB1 will offer the special program in prime time “Unable to act” that Gaizka Aranguren will present on the history of the Basque language, and in the afternoon Ilaski Serrano will offer a special “Word of Mouth” with several guests. In ETB2, the programs “En Jake” and “We Echamos a la Calle” they will also include special content.

On the other hand, the radios of the EITB group Euskadi Irratia, Radio Euskadi, Radio Vitoria and Gaztea will also be added with content and guests, and eitb.eus will collect everything that is done in the different media of the group on a special website on International Euskera Day.

Institutional event at the EITB headquarters in Bilbao

EITB hosts this year the institutional act of the Basque Government for the International Euskera Day at its headquarters in Bilbao, from 7:00 p.m. The journalist Ane Muruamendiaraz and the actress Miren Nafarrate they will present the act together with the comedian Getari Etxegara, e Ilaski Serrano will handle the live broadcast on ETB1 and eitb.eus. The Lehendakari will attend the event Iñigo Urkullu and the Minister of Culture and Language Policy Bingen Zupiria.

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“Ezina ekinez egina” on the history of the Basque language

Journalist and disseminator Gaizka Aranguren will present the program “Ezina ekinez egina” from 10:30 p.m. on ETB1 and eitb.eus. The space will give us the opportunity to investigate the history of Basque, starting from a question: What is the greatest mystery of the Basque language?

To answer this and many other questions, Gaizka Aranguren will interview several experts who will accompany him on this fascinating journey from its beginnings and throughout its history, including: Joakin Gorrotxategi, Céline Mounole, Garikoitz Goikoetxea, Sagrario Aleman, Kike Amonarriz, Josune Ariztondo, Koldo Zuazo and Andres Urrutia.

More than 50 years ago, the process of unification of Basque started in Arantzazu And it is there, in the sanctuary located on the slopes of Mount Aloña, where Gaizka Aranguren will meet with the residents of the place to transmit everything he will learn during the program. Among those gathered, the Franciscan and Basque friar Pello Zabala will relate his memories of when he learned to write in Basque.

In a very special and precious environment for the Basque language, with the participation of experts and Euskaltzales and set with music in Basque, the program has taken a phrase by Joan Mari Torrealdai as a title, Unable to act. Many of the initiatives that seemed impossible, with the power of hard work and perseverance, have been carried out and that is what this Friday’s program will demonstrate: that after a path full of obstacles and crossroads, Basque is still alive today. from today.

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Special “Ahoz Aho”, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Ilaski Serrano will offer a two-hour “Ahoz Aho” program, with special guests dedicated to Basque. For starters, it will feature on set Kike Amonarriz, president of Topagunea, with whom he will talk about the reactivation of the Basque language. On the other hand, the president of Euskaltzaindia Andres Urrutia will speak about the challenges of academia in the 21st century.

Gaizka Izagirre will carry out the ranking of the best audiovisual productions in history in Basque. For her part, the singer Afrika Bibang he will offer a live performance and will talk about the doors that have been opened for him after bringing his music closer to the Basque language. What’s more, Gaizka Aranguren will be on the program to offer a small preview of what we will see at night in “Ezina ekinez egina”.


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