Eight Autonomous Communities will try to establish a position on regional financing


The presidents of eight autonomous communities who ask that the population dispersion in the reform of the autonomous financing model, they meet this Tuesday in the Galician capital for the so-called ‘Santiago de Compostela Summit’, with the aim of setting a common position in the negotiation on the system renewal.

The presidents of Galicia (Alberto Núñez Feijóo), Aragon (Javier Lambán), Castile and Leon (Alfonso Fernández Mañueco), Castilla la Mancha (Emiliano García Page), Estremadura (Guillermo Fernández Vara), The Rioja (Concha Andreu), Cantabria (Miguel Ángel Revilla) and Asturias (Adrián Barbón) will meet at the Hostal dos Reis Católicos from 10 am.

This summit is expected to culminate with the signing by all the regional presidents of a joint institutional statement, the Communities Board reported in a press release.

This statement will collect rShared claims, such as the territorial rebalancing between densely populated areas and those in demographic decline, as well as provide quality public services for citizens “wherever they live”.

Likewise, the participants in this regional forum, in which the decentralization of the new organizations will also be addressed, intend to give continuity to this event through other encounters with similar characteristics.

Three blocks of communities, three criteria

This meeting takes place at the end of November, the month that the Ministry of Finance had proposed as limit to submit your reform proposal of the autonomous financing model and thus be able to start negotiating with the autonomous communities and parliamentary groups.

Specifically, the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has repeatedly reaffirmed the idea of ​​the central government to present its proposal based on the adjusted population criterion, as requested by autonomies such as the Valencian Community, Andalusia and Murcia, which are known as “under-financed” communities.

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However, the eight regional presidents of different political backgrounds who gather in the Galician capital on Tuesday share the request to the Ministry that it be the criterion of population dispersion the one that prevails in the reform of the financing model of the Autonomous Communities

On the other hand, there are the Balearic Islands, Catalonia and Madrid, which are seeking a reform of the regional financing model that takes into account the so-called principle of originality in the application of leveling measures.

Feijóo: “We don’t meet to bother”

Alberto Núñez Feijóo, host of the meeting, pointed out this Monday that “we do not meet to bother” and that it is a quote that “does not go against anyone.”

In an interview in Zero Wave, has said that if faces are seen it is because of the “need to be responsible” and has hoped that a joint text on one of the political challenges, in his opinion, of “greater depth”, especially before a possible reform of the system.

“For the points of disagreement, the Spanish political reality has already arrived,” the Galician leader dropped the day before.


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