EH Bildu will not amend the entire budget, as a sign of his “sincere desire for dialogue”


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Maddalen Iriarte values ​​the willingness to dialogue of the Basque Government, because “it has opened an opportunity” for the agreement. He stressed that the coalition will continue to make a “sincere effort” to “improve” the budgets. The Lehendakari thanked EH Bildu for his decision.


Maddalen Iriarte

The spokeswoman for eh Bildu in the Basque Parliament, Maddalen Iriarte, has announced that her group will not present a complete amendment to the draft budget of the Basque Government as a sample of your “sincere willingness to dialogue” to try to reach an agreement on next year’s accounts.

Iriarte has announced the decision of his group in his turn to speak in the plenary session held this Friday by the Basque Parliament, in which he asked the Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, about the “usefulness” of the governance model demonstrated so far by the regional Executive.

The spokesperson for EH Bildu has affirmed that the budget project prepared by the Basque Government “is not the one that this country needs” in the current pandemic situation, “which many intend to convert, in a hasty way, into a post-pandemic”, already that, according to Iriarte, “people and their concerns should be placed at the center of public policies.”

However, he has affirmed that the “willingness to dialogue” shown by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Pedro Azpiazu, “has opened an opportunity” for the agreement.

In this way, Iriarte has announced that his group will continue to make a “sincere effort” to try to influence budgets with the aim of “improving” them.

He has ensured that the decisions taken today will influence the next decade, “as will also those that we do not adopt.”

For this reason, and as a sign of its “sincere will for dialogue”, it has reported that EH Bildu will not present a complete amendment to the budget project, in order to be able to continue negotiating a possible agreement with the Basque Government.

Urkullu appreciates the decision

Iñigo Urkullu, for his part, thanked the EH Bildu group for their decision not to present a total amendment to the Basque Government’s budget project for 2022 and believes that it is a “great opportunity to value the importance of budget negotiation and dialogue they have kept “.

The Lehenakari has indicated that keeping the budget negotiation open “opens the possibility of reaching other agreements. Together with the budgets, everything will be necessary and useful to turn the challenges that we have before us into an opportunity,” he defended.

Likewise, he recalled that a process of negotiation of partial amendments and has been convinced that “improve the project presented and broaden a common base in favor of citizens“.

“We are aware that the Government has a sufficient parliamentary majority but I have always expressed our willingness to expand agreements for Accounts that are of strategic importance for the reactivation of economic activity, the generation of employment opportunities and the guarantee of social cohesion “, he pointed out.

In this sense, he recalled that this past Thursday the Basque Parliament reached “important agreements, agreements to deal with violence against women and continue promoting equality, to regulate the use of tourist flats or to approve the Natural Heritage Law “.

“These are some examples and we will have many opportunities to work on new agreements in the economic, social and political sphere. For example, in Education, Self-government, Health, Climate Change, Social Policies and Youth. In this Parliament we have presentations to advance on these issues “, he recalled.

Urkullu has insisted that in the current situation, next year’s budgets are important to “give impetus” to a new strategy, since they are “transformative”. “We appreciate your position and understanding,” he insisted to EH Bildu.

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