EH Bildu calls on the pro-independence left to be heard today in Bilbao



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Coinciding with the anniversary of the murders of Santi Brouard and Josu Muguruza and the death of Franco, the coalition intends to carry out a massive act that is “a turning point.” The march will take place under the slogan “Lortu arte. Euskal Herria de libre e equal”.

EH Bildu has called to fill Autonomia de Bilbao street today to make a show of force and demand the independence of Euskal Herria, justice, feminism, environmentalism, antifascism, Basque and peace, in an act that they hope will be a “inflection point”.

The representatives of EH Bildu Garazi Perea and Oskar Matute, at a press conference last Sunday, addressed the public and demanded their support in today’s mobilization.

Oskar Matute said that all citizens are called who “aspire to build this country in another way” and consider that “Euskal Herria is a nation that must be respected at all levels.” In the mobilization they will also denounce that “there is still a great democratizing task” in the state.

Matute affirmed that “Basque sovereignty and leftist independence has the opportunity to demonstrate that ours is a living people, struggling to build a Basque republic of free and equal men and women. “

“On November 20, those of us who yearn to live in a country based on equality, respect for the environment, social justice, the right to decide and democratic principles have an appointment in Bilbao,” he added.

In addition, he warned that today’s “it is not one more mobilization“, since” those who want to see us defeated and without any political influence are going to take out the calculator and tell us “, because” the more we are in the streets of Bilbao, the more they are going to worry because the more they are going to see their privileges endangered. “.

At the end of the demonstration, there will be a “special act” at the Bilbao City Council, where Arnaldo Otegi will speak and make an intervention “which we hope will be a turning point for the future”.

“We are many, despite the fact that they have used all kinds of attacks and tricks to bend and weaken us,” he said, to point out that in the Rekalde neighborhood of Bilbao “we have the memory of what they have been able to do,” in reference to to Santi Brouard and Josu Muguruza, HB leaders assassinated by the GAL 37 and 32 years ago, respectively. For this reason, he urged “to fill the streets of Bilbao with the memory of Josu, Santi and so many others, to show them that we are still here, stronger and more eager than ever, for them they do not give up their efforts”.

“All socio-sanitary measures”

Interviewed this week in Euskadi Irratia, the spokesperson for EH Bildu in the Basque Parliament, Maddalen Iriarte, affirmed that the coalition maintains the call for a demonstration scheduled for this Saturday in Bilbao under the slogan Lortu arte. Euskal Herria of free and equal and “will guarantee” that it is held “safely, from all points of view”. In this way, he referred to the calls of the Basque Government to comply with social and health measures and security, given the high incidence of covid.

Iriarte indicated that EH Bildu maintains the call for this demonstration and has ensured that, throughout the pandemic, they have been “absolutely strict with the social and health measures that had to be implemented.” The representative of EH Bildu affirmed that they will also do it this Saturday and will guarantee “all the socio-sanitary measures, the distances, and that the demonstration is carried out in a safe way from all points of view.”

“This morning I heard a member of the PNV who did not question the possibility of holding the Congress that they have to do in ten days and I have not heard anything from the PSE-EE about the Congress that is held this weekend with Pedro S├ínchez at the head, or anything about the football matches that will fill the fields and bring together thousands and thousands of people, “he said.

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