EH Bildu assures that Tapia has recognized that “there is no plan” on Corrugados




The coalition demands that the counselor have the “courage” to say so in public or that, otherwise, provide the documentation. PSE-EE and PP have asked not to miss the opportunity.

EH Bildu parliamentarian Iker Casanova has assured that the Minister of Economic Development, Arantxa Tapia, has declared “literally” to the mayor of Azpeitia, Nagore Alkorta, that “there is no industrial plan” for the reopening of the Corrugados company in Azpeitia, for which he has demanded that he have the “courage” to acknowledge “in public” what he has already transferred “in private” to the head of the Azpeitiarra City Council.

Casanova has announced, in an appearance before the media in the Basque Parliament, that EH Bildu has registered in the Autonomous Chamber and in the General Meetings of Gipuzkoa two initiatives in which it claims that the Basque Government and the Provincial Council provide and make public “all the information” they have on the supposed project of the CL group to reopen the Azpeitia Corrugados factory.

“Over and over again the counselor has insisted that there was a serious project,” said the EH Bildu parliamentarian, who, however, has considered that in legal, economic and political terms “there is no” project that can be described from “serious”.

For that to be the case, he added, it would be necessary for there to be “an economic and viability plan.” Casanova has affirmed that if these documents really exist and the Basque Government has them in its possession, the Executive “is in a position” to make them public “at any time”. “We ask you to do it today,” he said.

In the event that the Executive does not have such documentation, the representative of EH Bildu considers that “we would find ourselves before a government that is selling smoke” regarding the project to reopen Corrugados.

EH Bildu has also requested the appearance at the General Meetings of Gipuzkoa of the mayor of Azpeitia, Nagore Alkorta, to explain what happened to Corrugados, which, in his opinion, has become an “example” of the “policy that should not be done based on lies and disqualification.”

The spokesperson for this formation in the General Meetings, Juan Karlos Izagirre, has referred in a statement to the institutional controversy between PNV and EH Bildu that arose around the possible reopening of Corrugados and has stressed that “not everything goes in politics.”

For his part, the Secretary General of the PSE-EE of Gipuzkoa, Eneko Andueza, has considered “urgent” the creation of an “institutional alliance” between the Basque Government, the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council and the Azpeitia City Council to make possible the reopening of Corrugados by the Cristian Lay Industrial Group.

Andueza has asked in a statement released this Thursday “a greater institutional effort” to achieve the start-up of the steel industry and has opined that there is a “loophole” to resume negotiations after the company has assured that it maintains its willingness to open the old factory.

The spokesman for the PP At the Gipuzkoa General Meetings, Juan Carlos Cano said that “it would be a failure” if the Basque institutions, the Basque Government and the Provincial Council, governed by PNV and PSE, “were not able to redirect and solve the Corrugados project” .

Cano has assured in a statement that “there is not a Gipuzkoan who understands that a project of this magnitude is allowed to escape and, much less, in the current situation” in which it is necessary to “weather the storm, in the form of an economic crisis, that has brought the coronavirus. “

The Union LAB He has assured that he has “barely” spoken about the plan to reopen Corrugados Azpeitia because he has not received “any type of information in this regard” and has asked “to stop partisan disputes and put the project that supposedly is supposed to be on the table. has submitted “.

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