EH Bildu asks to recover the aid to conciliation before the “great impact” of the covid among minors




The sovereignist coalition considers it “essential” to speed up the payment of said aid so as not to leave “out” families in vulnerable situations.

The parliamentary group of eh Bildu has urged the Basque Government to, given the “great impact” of covid-19 among minors, to recover the conciliation aid that launched last year during the state of alarm, to reduce working hours, take leave of absence or hire people to care for minors.

At a press conference held in the Basque Parliament, the coalition’s parliamentarian, Nerea Kortajarena, asked that the modify your payment method so that it occurs “almost immediately” and that families in vulnerable situations are not left “out.” “If the aid, as it is done now, is paid after several months, it does not reach families in vulnerable situations. A family that makes it to the end of the month with serious difficulties cannot afford to reduce their working hours or take a leave of absence to take care of their sons and daughters and then wait for the government’s help. They don’t have the pocket for that, “he said.

Kortajarena explained the “great impact” that the pandemic is having on children and families: they are having to remain confined at home, without going to class, a situation that “makes it extremely difficult to reconcile family and work life, and proper care “.

“These fathers and mothers have to go to work. They have nowhere to leave their sons and daughters and they can’t leave either to the kids with the aitonas and amonas because it would not be adequate from the point of view of health, “he said.

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Kortajarena has denounced that “conciliar has become, once again, a nightmare in thousands of homes “and has stressed that covid-19 has complicated a situation that was already delicate in many homes.

The parliamentarian has denounced that despite the “repeated requests” by EH Bildu, the Basque Government has not responded to them. “Even now, the Government does not give this problem the attention it deserves, despite the fact that thousands of families in recent weeks are having serious problems caring for their children; and despite the fact that this is not an exclusively logistical problem. “.

Kortajarena recalled that the incidence rate among the 6-12 year-old group is 2,547 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, and that there are currently 277 closed classrooms in 145 educational centers. In the words of the parliamentarian, “behind these figures there are many fathers and mothers doing juggling to reconcile adequate care with being able to continue working, especially many mothers“.

In addition, the Christmas holidays will soon begin and “the problem will not end, but quite the opposite” because this year families “will not be able to resort to the usual resources for the care of children: the amonas and the aitonas “.

EH Bildu will transfer this proposal to the counselor Beatriz Artolazabal Instead of presenting a parliamentary initiative because in the coming weeks for the Christmas period, there will be no parliamentary activity and the debate would not take place until February and the coalition has insisted that this situation “requires immediate action” and that they put in march these aid “urgently”.

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