EH Bildu accuses the Basque Government of acting “through the back door” in the Environmental Administration Law




The sovereignist coalition denounces that the PNV and the PSE-EE have presented an amendment to the law so that the Executive can “in the name of the general interest, impose infrastructures where it does not have an absolute majority.”

eh Bildu has denounced the presentation by the Basque Government of an amendment to the Environmental Administration Law, which in his opinion, involves “doing things By the back door“and” modify the rules of the game of our institutional system in terms of spatial planning policies to end up imposing certain projects in certain places. “

The director of EH Bildu programs, Pello Otxandiano, and the head of municipal policy of the sovereignist coalition, Onintze Oleaga, have appeared in San Sebasti├ín, to criticize that the presentation of this amendment by the PNV and the PSE-EE is ” an attempt to modify “the Law of Land Management. Along these lines, it has warned that, if the aforementioned amendment goes ahead, the Basque Government “will have capacity, in the name of the general interest, to impose concrete projects “on the Basque councils.

Otxandiano has insisted that “they have taken advantage of the processing of a law to modify another basic law that establishes the distribution of powers in our complex institutional system “and has criticized that it was done” without even consulting local entities, which are the most affected institutions. “

For the sovereignist coalition, “this violates political plurality of Basque society “since what is intended is” to impose infrastructures where there is no absolute majority of government parties. “

“The modification of the Land Management Law that the PNV and the PSE intend tries to introduce into the regulations the figure of Projects of Higher Public Interest, which once declared in such a way will be superimposed on the rest of the urban regulation and spatial planning. That is, the declaration by the Government unilaterally will mean the de facto invalidity or cancellation of the decisions taken by competent and legitimate institutions “, he stressed.

After highlighting that urban competition is “one of the most important functions” carried out by city councils, he reiterated that the intention to modify the Law of Land Management “undoubtedly implies the decline of local democracy, inasmuch as that will invalidate those aspects decided in the municipality through citizen participation by the imposition of a PIPS “.

“If someone wants to manage a process as complex as the transition towards climate neutrality vertically, with the order and command, regardless of the opinion of the public, is wrong completely, “he warned, while he has considered that this is” the diametrically opposed to collaborative governance.

Furthermore, it has indicated that “if what is involved is to impose infrastructures against the criteria of the local institutions they represent”, this leads to “inevitably situations of social conflict that will weigh down and delay the implementation of climate actions. “

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