Edinburgh’s vigil for the tragic mum-to-be will be held on the same day the baby was due

A vigil will be held today for a mum-to-be who tragically died in Arthur’s Seat, on the same day her baby was due.

Fawziyah Javed, 31, died in September and her husband Kashif Anwar, 27, appeared in court charged with her murder.

He made no statement when he appeared privately during a brief hearing at Edinburgh Sheriff’s Court in September.

Fawziyah died on September 2, two days before her 32nd birthday, which she planned to celebrate in Yorkshire, and less than a week before starting a new job.

The newlyweds had been married for eight months and Fawziyah was four months pregnant and excited at the prospect of becoming a mother.

Privately educated Fawziyah, whose name means “success” in Arabic, was described by her parents as “an angel on earth” who would help anyone.

Fawziyah was four months pregnant
Fawziyah was four months pregnant

She was a successful lawyer and did a lot of charity work.

Her parents, Mohammed and Yasmin Javed, adored her and couldn’t wait to become grandparents.

The couple, who live in Leeds, West Yorkshire, will travel to Scotland for the trial.

Yasmin, a 54-year-old mother of one, said every day feels surreal and she needs sleeping pills to get through the night.

Yasmin said: “She was an intelligent and eloquent young woman.

“She was a perfect girl, she was beautiful inside and out.

“There is a stereotype of women who are not educated, financially secure, have no support network and are dependent on men – she was the complete opposite.

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“He made good money, he was smart, it can happen to anyone.

“Many people have described her as an ‘angel on earth’.

“He was very humble, a teacher Fawziyah kept in touch with for 13 years wrote to me and said ‘I didn’t realize how much charity work you did’, he never talked about it.

Fawziyah was due to travel to her home in Pudsey, West Yorkshire, two days before she died.
Fawziyah was due to travel to her home in Pudsey, West Yorkshire, two days before she died.

“He was down to earth.

“Fawziyah would go above and beyond, he would never say no to anyone.

“She had perfect manners, I feel like the whole world is mourning her.”

Yasmin and her husband Mohammed, 56, have seen their lives upended since the tragedy, which occurred two days before Fawziyah traveled to her home in Pudsey, West Yorkshire.

Yasmin added: “It’s surreal, I can’t understand it.

“Our lives are over, we live and breathe for Fawziyah.

“We are just existing.

“We stay all the time and go to sleep with the help of sleeping pills.

“I’m the complete opposite of what I used to be.

“She was about to have a baby and we are planning a vigil.

“This happened on a Thursday night and she was about to start a new job on Monday.

“He had his whole life ahead of him.

“I was almost four months pregnant.

“I was very excited, she would have been a wonderful mother.

“It’s absolutely heartbreaking, my heart is broken into a million pieces.

“We will travel to Scotland for the court case.

“I have to do it for her.

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“I wake up with this constant pain and go to bed with it.

Fawziyah’s parents said she “had her whole life ahead of her”

“It happened on September 2 and it was his birthday on September 4.

“That was the day we traveled to Edinburgh to identify his body.

“It was the day he was supposed to travel back to Yorkshire for his birthday.

“His name is the Arabic word for success: he had everything going for him.”

The vigil will take place at 16:30, the same time as the one in Leeds.

Among those attending the Arthur’s Seat vigil will be Yasmin’s cousin, Adnan Hanif, who studies at the University of Edinburgh.

Chloe Whyte, who is organizing the event, said there will be speeches by representatives of a local women’s aid organization and others, as well as poems and a minute of silence.

She said: “We will also have the opportunity to place candles, flowers and other tokens.

“Anything that is donable will later be taken to women’s shelters.”

People are asked to gather on the grassy steps by the Scottish Parliament pools at 4:30pm and are asked to wear masks and observe social distancing, as well as bring torches and bundle up.

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