Echenique denies a “crack” in the Government after Montero’s words

The parliamentary spokesman for United We Can, Pablo Echenique, has denied that there is a “new crack” in the coalition government for the tax reform and has pointed out that its content must be agreed between the government partnersas happened with the labor reform whose initiative was from the Ministry of Labor but was negotiated with the PSOE.

Echenique, interviewed in La Hora de La 1 on TVE, has pointed out that it is “usual” that both United We Can and PSOE make their “proposals” in any matter, because a party has to have “a comprehensive country project.” This is how he responded when asked about the words of the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, who described the Podemos proposal as “untimely”.

In this sense, the parliamentary spokesman for United We Can has affirmed that the investigation of sexual abuse of minors within the Church is the responsibility of the Ministry of Social Rights, which is directed by Ione Belarra, however the PSOE has presented a non-law proposal on this matter, he recalled, and they have not made “any program in this regardor”.

“So much talking about the times, about the forms, takes time away from talking about the substance,” added Echenique about the fiscal reform proposal that Podemos has made.

“The tax reform must be agreed with the coalition partners”

Asked about the words of the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, who said on Wednesday that the Government’s position on the tax reform is set by the Ministry of Finance, Echenique said that it is “normal”, that whoever sets the Employment position is the Minister of Labour, but that “does not mean that things are not agreed“.

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Echenique has affirmed that “important things are agreed upon” and that “the tax reform must be agreed with the coalition partners“, although the Minister of Finance is the one who speaks on behalf of the Government. “They are compatible things,” he said.

In addition, he recalled that the labor reform was agreed with the PSOE, although the Minister of Finance is the one who speaks on behalf of the Government. They are “compatible” things, said the parliamentary spokesman for United We Can.

Asked if it was the right time to present his battery of measures for tax reform when the expert committee has not yet issued its conclusions, Echenique has said that “talking about reports” and “times” sometimes takes away the relevance of the “background“, that Spain has an “unfair” tax system where SMEs and workers proportionally pay twice as much tax as large companies.

The parliamentary spokesman for the confederal group has described as “very serious” that the country has, as he has stated, seven points less tax collection than the average of the European Union (EU), because it deteriorates the public system.

The tax reform proposed by Podemos proposes, among other measures, to increase by 10 percentage points the corporate tax rate for electricity companies for a minimum period of five years, with the possibility of extension, and allocate its collection to lower the cost of the electricity bill. light to consumers. He also defends replacing the Patrimony tax with a new tribute to large fortunes, which would report a collection of 10,000 million euros to the public coffers, according to his calculations.

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