EasyJet and Ryanair strike at the start of the holidays: check the affected flights

Nine flights – eight from easyJet airlines and one from Ryanair– have been canceled this Friday and more than a hundred have had delays in a dozen Spanish airports during the strike of the cabin crew of both companies, a call that has coincided with the start of the first operation out of the summer.

The canceled easyJet flights until 13:00 are located in Malaga, where four flights have been canceled (two departures to London and Birmingham, and two arrivals originating from these same two English cities) and, in Palma de Mallorca, which has canceled another four, two departures and two arrivals , all with London. The company has also had 21 delays in: Barcelona (5), Malaga, (6) and Palma de Mallorca (10).

The flight canceled by Ryanair has been the Barcelona El Prat-Milan Bergamo, while there have been 113 delays in: Palma de Mallorca (36), Malaga (17), Barcelona (16), Alicante (13), Madrid (14), Valencia (8), Ibiza (4), Santiago (3), Girona (3) and Seville (1). The USO spokeswoman, Censi Varo, has accused Ryanair in an interview with TVE of “transnational strike scab”, for which data is being collected from all flights to present the corresponding complaints.

First of the nine days of strike called for easyJet

The easyJet strikes, called by the USO union, began this Friday and will last nine days July 1, 2, 3, 15, 16, 17, 29, 30 and 31- with a duration of 24 hours. They address 450 workers of the British low-cost airline and aim to unblock the negotiation of the II collective agreement.

From USO they point out that easyJet “has been exceeded” in the number of flights considered minimum services, “infringing the right to strike”, for which it is analyzing the decree to take legal action. They also highlight that “almost all of the staff have received their letter to operate protected flights” and that easyJet “has followed the Ryanair model”, which consists of “not respecting the minimum decree”. The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda has established minimum services of 57% of the flights at Barcelona airport, 56% at Malaga airport and 51% at Palma de Mallorca airport.

easyJet, for its part, has issued a statement in which it is “disappointed” by the strike, since it considered that the negotiations of the new collective agreement “advanced considerably”. The airline has indicated that it would like to continue with the “constructive dialogue” and has stated that it is operating “absolutely in line with Spanish legislation.” Also, has assured that there have been no cancellations related to the strike on none of the bases. Yes, there have been some caused by other circumstances.

Fifth day of strike at Ryanair amid accusations of “transnational strike strike”

The workers of the Ryanair company, on their fifth day of strike, have denounced that the company has once again practiced “transnational strike strike” by bringing crew members from other bases to operate flights originating in Spain, for which will take legal action. In a statement from the USO union, organizer of the strike together with the Sitcpla union, they have stated that some of them are Portuguese and others from outside the community, from the United Kingdom.

The staff is collecting data from all the flights to file the corresponding complaints with the Labor Inspectorate in each city and claims to have proof that have infiltrated non-Spanish personnel, at least on flights with origin Barcelona-El Prat and Santiago de Compostela.


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