Easter egg hunt: 10 easy and creative ideas from relay race to golden eggs

Easter is right around the corner, which obviously means its time for egg hunts. Here are 10 easy and fun ideas to add a bit of creativity to your Easter egg hunts

Make your Easter extra special with creative egg hunt ideas

Easter is almost here, falling this year on Sunday, April 17. This means its time to break out the Easter egg hunt ideas.

If you want to make your Easter celebrations extra special this year, adding some creative twists to your classic Easter egg hunt will always do the trick!

There are plenty of practical and creative ideas for you to try out that are equally enjoyable for toddlers, older kids and even adults – and they are easy to organize too.

From activity-led outdoor activities to educational twists and indoor scavenger hunts, here are 10 fun and unique ways to make your Easter egg hunts even more memorable.

Glow-in-the-Dark Egg Hunt

Activity-led and educational Easter egg hunt ideas can keep your kids engaged for hours



A fun one for older kids to do once the sun goes down, this glow-in-the-dark egg hunt involves placing a small glow stick device inside multiple plastic eggs.

Then, scatter these glowing eggs around your backyard. Once night falls, its time for some fun with your older kids!

Golden Egg Hunt

These golden egg hunts are great for kids of all ages to get some extra treats. Simply add a few eggs golden eggs – best to add one per child – into your Easter egg hunt mix.

Hide a special golden ticket inside these eggs and once these are found, kids can swap it out for a prize.

Rainbow Egg Hunt

An activity-led egg hunt, which involves getting eggs in different colors of the rainbow. The idea is to instruct kids to find the eggs in the correct order of colors in the rainbow.

If the complete this challenge successfully, they not only get to keep the eggs but also receive a bigger bonus prize.

freeze hunt

Add another level of fun to your Easter egg hunts by also making it a game of freeze.

As the egg hunt is in progress, start playing a song, when this song stops the kids have to freeze where ever they are standing. Anyone who breaks their freeze will have to re-hide one egg from their basket.

Matching Egg Hunt

There are ways to arrange egg hunts indoors while still keeping things fun for kids


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Why not make your Easter egg hunts educational? This indoor hunt involves burying numbered eggs in a large bin, papers with the same numbers will be given to each child.

Have your kids dig through the bin to locate all the eggs, Once they’ve all been found, the goal is to have your kids match the number on their paper to the numbered egg.

Egg Hunt Puzzle

Another idea to get the brain working after an egg hunt is to buy a puzzle and hide away pieces in different eggs. Once .your kids find all the eggs, they can work together on the jigsaw puzzle.

Easter Egg Bowling Game

Egg hunts are always great fun, but if you’d like to break from them, then this DIY Easter bowling game is the way to go.

Just glue bunny ears to miniature bowling pins and make your own bowling alley with an empty cardboard box for this Easter-themed game.

Easter Egg Relay Race

One more game idea but this time incorporating the egg hunt into is the Easter egg relay race. All you need to do is divide kids into teams and then one kid from each team has to go and search for an egg.

The twist is that they also need to balance a foil-wrapped raw egg on a spoon and make sure not to drop it as they hunt for eggs.

When they find one egg, they need to come back and tag their teammate to go search for the second egg and so on till one team has the most eggs.

If the egg you’re balancing cracks along the way, you need to put all the eggs you’ve found in the hunt back and start over.

Activity Egg Hunt

Making egg hunts more creative means its more fun for older kids and even adults as well



Egg hunts with candy are what Easter is all about. But let’s face it, everyone has already probably had more than their fair share of chocolates even before the hunt.

So why not try this activity egg hunt as a way to burn off the sugar-high. Instead of candy, fill the eggs with pieces of paper with fun instructions – like ‘moo like a cow’ or ‘hop like a bunny’ – for kids to follow.

Play-on-Words Egg Hunt

One more educational but fun idea is the play-on-words egg hunt. Choose a word like Easter or bunny and write one letter of the word on each Easter egg.

When the kids have collected all the eggs, get them to arrange the eggs and spell out the word. If they get it right, give them a special prize.

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