DWP confirms exact date this summer new claims for PIP will no longer be accepted for some people


The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has confirmed that from August 29, 2022, people living in Scotland should no longer make a new claim for Personal Independence Payment (PIP), but instead apply for the Adult Disability Payment (ADP) through Social Security Scotland.

Adult Disability Payment will replace PIP for more than 305,000 existing Scottish claimants.

Social Security Scotland started a phased launch of the new benefit in March and it is now available to new claimants of working age with a disability, long-term illness or physical or mental health condition, living in Dundee, Perth and Kinross and the Western Isles .

Initial data from Social Security Scotland indicates that from Monday, March 21 to Tuesday, March 22, nearly 250 part 1 applications for Adult Disability Payment had been registered and nearly 100 part 2 applications were received.

Part 1 of the application form gathers key personal details of the claimant, while their condition is detailed in part 2 of the form.

This figure is based on management information sourced from Social Security Scotland’s case management system.

As this figure is based on management information, it has not yet been quality assured to the same standard as Official Statistics. A release of Official Statistics on Adult Disability Payment, covering to April 30, 2022, will be released on June 14, 2022.

Adult Disability Payment launch dates

  • March 21, 2022: Now open in Dundee, Perth and Kinross, the Western Isles
  • June, 20 2022: Angus, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire
  • July 25, 2022: Fife, North Ayrshire, East Ayrshire, South Ayrshire, Moray, Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire
  • August 29, 2022 – if you live elsewhere in Scotland

In a recent issue its Touchbase newsletter, the DWP wrote: “ADP will then be launched nationally, across Scotland, from 29 August 2022.

“From 29 August 2022 customers living in Scotland should no longer claim PIP but instead claim ADP.”

People already receiving PIP will not need to apply for Adult Disability Payment and their awards will be transferred automatically from the DWP to the Social Security Scotland system.

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The Scottish Government confirmed that this migration “will be done safely and securely so that people will still get the same amount of money, to the same account” with the date of their first payment confirmed in writing before they transfer.

How does Adult Disability Payment differ from PIP?

Guidance from the Scottish Government states: “Treating people with dignity, fairness and respect will be at the heart of delivering Adult Disability Payment. It has been designed in partnership with people who will use it.

Their input has been crucial in designing an improved service.”

Removal of routine face-to-face assessments

There will be no routine face-to-face assessments for Adult Disability Payment.

The Scottish Government said: “People with experience of applying for disability benefits have told us that assessments carried out on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions can be stressful and anxiety inducing.

“Where we cannot make a decision on the available information, people may be invited to a consultation, which can be held virtually or in person. This will be a person-centred conversation with a health and social care practitioner employed by Social Security Scotland. Clients will be informed of everything that has been noted during the consultation and they will have a chance to review and respond to this. The consultation will also be audio recorded to ensure transparency and openness.”

Minister for Social Security Ben Macpherson recently said: “The unanimous passing of the regulations for Adult Disability Payment is a significant milestone for Scotland’s social security system. It means we can now take a very different approach to delivering disability benefits – in comparison to the current DWP system – and our focus is on providing a positive and compassionate experience for people applying for and receiving our new benefit.

“We know people have found applying for DWP disability benefits stressful in the past. That is why we have listened to their experiences and designed our new system to work for people, not against them. We are committed to doing things differently – we are ensuring that accessing Adult Disability Payment is as straightforward as possible and we will always start from a position of trust.”

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People living in Scotland will need to apply for Adult Disability Payment instead of PIP from August 29
People living in Scotland will need to apply for Adult Disability Payment instead of PIP from August 29

He continued: “Importantly, we have abolished assessments in the form currently undertaken by the DWP.

“Instead, and only where required, we will hold consultations between the person and a Social Security Scotland health or social care practitioner. Our consultations will not involve functional examinations.”

The Scottish Government also announced that to ensure it does not create a two-tiered system during the transfer process from DWP to Social Security Scotland they will be “largely keeping the eligibility criteria for Adult Disability Payment the same [as PIP].”

There will also be a two stage independent review of Adult Disability Benefit.

“This review will begin later in the year, to consider what further changes and improvements could, and should, be made in the future,” explained Mr Macpherson.

Who will be eligible to make a claim for the Adult Disability Payment?

Eligibility is similar to PIP.

This benefit is for people who meet the following criteria:

  • You are aged between 16 to State Pension age

  • You have difficulties with daily living or getting around outside your home (or both)

  • You have had the physical or mental difficulty for at least 3 months and expect it to continue for at least 9 months

If a person is terminally ill these qualifying periods do not apply.

How are claims assessed?

Social Security Scotland will make decisions about entitlement for ADP using the applicant’s account of their circumstances and existing supporting information, where possible.

The number of face-to-face assessments will be significantly reduced and will only be necessary when it is the only practicable way to make a decision.

Claimants will no longer be asked to carry out tasks to demonstrate how their disability, long-term illness or mental health condition affects them as part of the application process.

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Examples of supporting information

This will be used to help make a decision about your claim and will include:

Payment rates for Adult Disability Payment

Social Security Scotland will provide the same rate of all forms of Disability Assistance as the current rate of the equivalent UK disability benefit (PIP) and will increase in line with inflation each year.

Based on current rates the weekly amounts of Adult Disability Payment are:

Daily living

  • Standard rate: £61.85

  • Enhanced rate : £92.40


  • standard rate : £24.45

  • Enhanced rate : £64.50

How often will my award be reviewed?

Unlike DWP payment awards which are reviewed regularly over a fixed-period of time, the ADP will be rolling with most being given a ‘light touch’ in order to be as non-intrusive as possible.

We have more details on the six factors which will determine the length of an award and the benefit review date, here.

Help Claiming PIP from DWP

Will I still be able to swap all or part of my mobility payment for the Motability Scheme?

People who get the highest rate of the mobility component of ADP will be able to transfer either the whole or part of the money they get for the mobility component to access the Accessible Vehicles and Equipment Scheme .

This new Scottish scheme will provide a service similar to the current Motability scheme, with a range of cars, wheelchair accessible vehicles, scooters and powered wheelchairs on affordable leasing terms, with a range of adaptations at little or no cost.

Customers who have an existing Motability lease will be able to retain their vehicle until the end of that lease.

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