DVLA updates processing dates as drivers face up to two-month wait for essential documents


Drivers are currently facing up to two months wait to receive essential documents from the DVLA.

The Covid pandemic has resulted in a backlog of paper applications being processed through at the moment.

Driving license renewals, provision license applications and name changes to current licenses are just some of the services impacted.

Scots who are seeking a speedy turnaround in their application have been urged to apply through the DVLA website.

It has been claimed that online applications for a driving license or vehicle registration certificate will be processed through within five days.

A spokesperson for the DVLA said: “As a result of ongoing Covid safety measures and the impact of previous industrial action by members of the Public and Commercial Services union, there are ongoing delays with processing paper applications.

“We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and our staff are working hard to reduce waiting times.

“There may be additional delays in processing more complex cases, for example, if medical investigations are needed as part of your driving license application.”

The DVLA has updated the latest processing dates on paper applications

But for those still seeking a date for the return of their paper applications, the DVLA has updated its processing dates today.

Type of application Date currently being processed
Renew a driving license with a new photo 25 January 2022
Apply for a first provisional driving license with UK identity 14 February 2022
Renew a driving license if you’re 70 or over or after disqualification or revocation 14 March 2022
Apply for a first vocational driving license 15 March 2022
Renew a vocational driving license 15 March 2022
Apply for a driving license with a non-UK identity 25 January 2022
Apply for or renew a tachograph card 16 March 2022
Apply to change your name or address on your driving license 14 February 2022
Tell DVLA about the sale of a vehicle 15 March 2022
Vehicle registration certificate (V5C) changes March 15, 2022*
Apply for a replacement V5C log book March 7, 2022*
Register a vehicle for the first time (including previously used and imports) March 8, 2022
Retain or assign a vehicle registration number March 8, 2022
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Can I still drive if I am waiting on a response?

The DVLA has confirmed that you may be able to continue driving while the application is being processed, subject to meeting certain criteria.

Section 88 of the Road Traffic Act of 1988 states that drivers must meet the following criteria:

  • Your doctor must have told you that you are fit to drive. If your doctor is unsure about how a medical condition affects driving, they should refer to ‘Assessing fitness to drive – a guide for medical professionals’ at www.gov.uk/dvla/fitnesstodrive
  • You have held a valid driving license (see * below) and only drive vehicles you have applied for on your current application and were entitled to drive on your previous licence.
  • If you hold a Group 2 (bus or lorry) license, your entitlement has not been suspended, revoked or refused by a traffic commissioner. You meet any conditions that were specified on your previous license that still apply.
  • DVLA has received your correct and complete application within the last 12 months.
  • Your last license was not revoked or refused for medical reasons.
  • You are not currently disqualified from driving by a court.
  • You were not disqualified as a high-risk offender on or after 1 June 2013 (a high-risk offender is a driver convicted of a serious drink driving offence).

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