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The Health and Youth Care Inspectorate (IGJ) in the Netherlands asks young people “not to deliberately become infected with the coronavirus” to maintain the COVID-19 pass, after knowing the plans of the Dutch government to exclude the unvaccinated from this certificate. “It is dangerous to be intentionally infected with the coronavirus. By doing so, you put yourself and others in danger. The Inspection of Health and Attention to the Youth is, therefore, outraged by the initiatives that offer this possibility. The coronavirus is dangerous. You can become seriously ill ”, underlines the IGJ.

This warning comes after the appearance of “organizations that consciously want to spread the virus more,” says the inspection, alluding to online groups that offer the possibility of being infected to be considered “recovered from covid-19” and thus obtain the happens COVID-19, which will only be valid for these and those vaccinated if Parliament approves the Government’s plans. “It seems scary to me. It’s a slap in the face for anyone who has been committed to fighting the pandemic for more than a year and a half. And of course also for the relatives of people who lost their lives due to the coronavirus, “lamented Inspector General Marina Eckenhausen.

As he warned, the risk is no longer only in the possibility of developing serious COVID-19 by not being vaccinated, but “you can infect others, who in turn can become seriously ill”, thus putting their life at risk, so “anyone who is deliberately infected endangers public health,” ruled the IGJ.

Pay 35 euros to get infected from COVID-19

A website began this Thursday to offer a package for 33.50 euros, which includes a tube with a liquid to become infected with the coronavirus and a rapid test to verify the contagion.

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The inspection, which showed its surprise at the existence of an offer of this type, is already investigating this website to determine if it really offers real material that puts users at risk, although, as EFE has been able to verify, the page is now offline and it is impossible to access.

‘Anticovid’ measures in the Netherlands

Although it has not yet received the backing of a parliamentary majority, the Dutch government plans to exclude within two weeks of the pass COVID-19 those who are not vaccinated, even if they test negative, which will prevent their access to places with a high risk of contagion, such as bars, restaurants, musical events, and even non-essential shops.

The Netherlands is studying the reinforcement of the restrictions, which would mainly affect the unvaccinated, after the infections registered a daily record during the last two weeks, with more than 23,000 new positives in 24 hours documented yesterday, while increasing the hospital pressure.

82.7% of the population over 12 years of age already have the full regimen and 86.4% have at least one dose, although these data have been stagnant for several months, with around 1.8 million inhabitants refusing to receive an injection against covid-19, out of fear, skepticism towards vaccines or for religious reasons.


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