Dundee’s cheapest petrol stations as Chancellor announces 5p fuel duty cut


Dundee Live has gathered crowdsourced fuel data from PetrolPrices.com to detail where the cheapest pumps lie across the city.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced a 5p cut in the tax paid per liter of fuel as part of his Spring mini-budget.

The Daily Record reports that the cut, designed to offset the recent surges in fuel prices, will come into effect from 6pm.

Speaking in the House of Commons earlier this afternoon, Mr Sunak said it was “the biggest cut to all fuel duty rates – ever.”

The cut will remain in place until March next year.

With that in mind, we’ve broken the data down into the cheapest petrol and diesel – so whether you’re running an economical city car or gurgling Transit van, we’ve got you covered.

A fuel duty cut is imminent in Dundee and across Scotland
A fuel duty cut is imminent in Dundee and across Scotland

Where is Dundee’s cheapest petrol?

  1. Jet Dundee, Forfar Road – 160.9p/litre (as of March 20)
  2. Asda Dundee Kirkton – 161.7p/litre (as of March 22)
  3. Morrisons Dundee, Forfar Road – 162.7p/litre (as of March 22)
  4. Tesco Dundee Riverside/Kingsway/South Road – 162.9p/litre (as of March 22)
  5. Sainsburys Dundee – 163.9p/litre (as of March 22)

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Where is Dundee’s cheapest diesel?

  1. Morrisons Dundee, Forfar Road – 172.7p/litre (as of March 22)
  2. Jet Dundee, Forfar Road – 172.9p/litre (as of March 21)
  3. Asda Dundee Kirkton – 173.7p/litre (as of March 23)
  4. Tesco Dundee Riverside/Kingsway/South Road – 175.9p/litre (as of March 23)
  5. Sainsburys Dundee – 175.9p/litre (as of March 22)

Where are the most expensive stations?

In Dundee, the most expensive station for petrol is the Shell garage on West Marketgait, which is asking for 172.9p per liter of fuel.

That’s 12p more than the cheapest option, or an extra £5 if you were filling up a Ford Fiesta hatchback from empty.

And for diesel, the Shell on Forfar Road and the BP petrol stations on Kingsway West and the A90 towards Perth each charge 182.9p per litre.

The price difference between the cheapest and most expensive diesel pumps is 10.2p – or around £7.34 if you were filling up a Ford Transit Custom, with a 72 liter fuel tank, from empty.

Thankfully, Dundee motorists should see a 5p dip in those prices from 6pm.

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