Dumped ‘King of Leeds’ TikToker caused £2,000 Wetherspoons havoc then jet off abroad

Social media star Tom Birchy has more than 170,000 followers on the popular video app and went viral after fans sent £2,000 worth of food to his table at a Wetherspoons chain

‘King of Leeds’ TikTok star says Wetherspoons ‘scammed’ him out of £2,000 of food and drink

A TikTok star has flown off to Thailand after he caused mayhem in a Wetherspoons after being dumped by his girlfriend and shunned on social media.

Tom Birchy – a Southerner who has lived in Leeds for several years – uses the app to share what he has been up to in the city.

He previously called himself the “King of Leeds”, and has more than 170,000 followers on the popular video app.

Recently, I have shared a series of videos about how I managed to get £2,000 worth of food and drink for free at The Golden Beam in Headingley, but most of it didn’t arrive.

He shared his table number and plenty of fans felt him a treat, but Tom said Wetherspoons staff members couldn’t meet the demand of the orders.

He called staff “scamming” after they said they would not refund those who ordered items, which never got served.

Tom used to work in the Wetherspoons in Leeds train station and said he was subsequently barred from the Headingley branch.

Tom Birchy is a Southerner living in Leeds



‘King of Leeds’ TikTok star



Wetherspoons have now confirmed they will be refunding the money to customers who ordered Tom items which never arrived.

Wetherspoons said: “Refunds could not be processed on the day are currently being processed for the food and drink not delivered.

“We are working through the refunds as quickly as we can but due to the volume, there may be some delay.”

After the incident, Birchy’s TikTok account was banned and deleted, and was subsequently removed from Leeds Student Group on Facebook.

But a few days later he was allowed back on the app, where he reported followers he had been dumped by his girlfriend.

The TikToker has now raked in over eight million likes on his channel in a matter of days.

A few days after going viral, Tom is now in Thailand and has been sharing what he has been doing.

He boarded a 12-hour flight from Gatwick, and posted about the lack of legroom, and how there is no in-flight entertainment.

The ‘King of Leeds’ TikTok star caused £2,000 havoc at Wetherspoons after jetting off to Thailand following being dumped



‘King of Leeds’ TikTok star who caused £2,000 havoc at Wetherspoons jets off to Thailand after being dumped



He even dined at a ‘Michelin-star restaurant’ adding: “I am at a Michelin star restaurant literally on the side of the road.

“I have been to Chinese Noodle Wok Soup they have been accredited by Michelin 2019, 2020, and 2021 – madness.

“And the cost of this is £1.50.”

He is staying in a hostel with five friends where there is a large pool.

He’s been brazen about his partying antics in Thailand and has been heading to street parties “shut down” by police, whilst sharing what happened when he visited a strip club.

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