Drunk man went on naked rampage carrying a ‘for sale’ sign threatening paramedic

Ryan Cunliffe, of Coronation Drive, Haydock, took off his trousers after falling over while they were round his ankles and picked up a ‘for sale’ sign before causing mayhem

Ryan Cunliffe
Ryan Cunliffe, of Coronation Drive, Haydock

A 23-year-old man who was drunk on rum went on a naked rampage armed with a ‘for sale’ sign.

Ryan Cunliffe, of Coronation Drive, Haydock, took off his trousers after falling over while they were round his ankles and picked up a ‘for sale’ sign before causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

Liverpool Crown Court heard on Monday that the offences occurred on the evening of May 9 after two ambulances went to Church Road, Haydock, following reports of a youth having had a cardiac arrest.

Paramedics found Cunliffe in the street unresponsive and covered in mud and when they attempted to wake him he opened one eye but then curled up in a ball on the ground, Liverpool Echo reports.

He was placed on a stretcher and put inside an ambulance but became agitated and said he did not know what had happened, said Nardeen Nemat, prosecuting.

Liverpool Crown Court


Liverpool Echo)

When one of the paramedics looked at a card in his wallet for the defendant’s details he said, “What the f… are you doing?’ and because of his behaviour they opened the door so he could leave and police were called.

He began demanding to know where his property was and threw his cap at one of the female paramedics. He got off the stretcher and threatened staff, saying if they touched him ‘I’ll smash your heads in.’

Two of the paramedics got out fearing for their safety and Cunliffe shoved one of them as he got out of the vehicle.

Ms Nemat said: “He proceeded to walk in front of moving vehicles shouting and kicking and punching multiple cars. He went to a bus stop where he damaged it and went into the middle of the road where he removed his top and was abusive towards members of the public.

“He pulled down his trousers and walked around with his trousers around his ankles and as a result fell on his face so he removed his trousers completely.

“He ran at different cars and started to kick them. Both ambulances followed him at a distance so they could keep an eye on him as they feared he would be hit by a car or a member of the public could be injured.

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“He continued to shout abuse and ran into a small black car and punched the back window, completely smashing it. The ambulances followed some distance away and he shouted towards the paramedics, ‘f*****g come on’.”

He grabbed a ‘for sale’ sign from outside a house and hit cars with it before smashing the windscreen of one of the ambulances, causing £673 worth of damage.

A female paramedic was sitting directly by that side of window and some of the glass landed on the dashboard. She ducked down screaming and pushed the emergency button.

Naked Cunliffe then kicked a car in which children were sitting and the police attended. “He shouted, ‘Who the f…. are you?’ and lunged towards them with his fists clenched.”

Officers took him to the ground, meanwhile Cunliffe’s dad was trying to calm him down.

Officers tried to get his trousers back on to restore his dignity but he was protesting about being handcuffed and as they were helping him to his feet he kicked out catching a female constable on the forehead, leaving it bruised.

Miss Nemat said that when interviewed 23-year-old Cunliffe said he had “drunk a lot of beer and rum and had also been on anxiety medication at the time.”

He said he remembered waking up in an ambulance and wanting to get out. He said he did not think he intended to kick the police officer.

Cunliffe pleaded guilty to affray, assaulting an emergency working and two offences of criminal damage.

The court heard references submitted on his behalf spoke of his depression and anxiety which had overcome him and they looked forward to welcoming back the man they knew in his earlier years.

Ben Berkson, defending, said Cunliffe had no previous convictions but had been convicted of being drunk and disorderly and racially aggravated harassment which happened a month after the affray incident.

He said pandemic lockdown had had a negative impact on Cunliffe and changed his life.

Cunliffe, who was supported by family members in the public gallery, was sentenced to 14 months imprisonment suspended for 18 months and ordered to carry out 25 days rehabilitation activities and attendance on a six month alcohol treatment requirement.

The judge, Recorder Eric Lamb told him: “Your family are no doubt dismayed as are you in your sober moments about the turn your life has taken. You have shown yourself in the past to be able to hold down work as a joiner and to enjoy family life.”

He said Cunliffe appeared to have little recollection of events but accepted his conduct.

Recorder Lamb said: “It was your decision when you fell out with a female member of your family to take drink. It was your decision to buy a bottle of rum, it was your decision to drink that rum and it had a catastrophic affect on your behaviour.”

The judge said the defendant “had made an exhibition of yourself taking off your clothes and running around”.

He said he accepted he was ashamed of what he had done with his out of character behaviour and said there is a good prospect of rehabilitation.

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