Drinker who was barred for life from a pub poured a drink over the landlady’s head

A woman who used an alias to try and get served in a pub she was barred for life from poured a drink on the landlady’s head when she was rumbled and thrown out.

It was one of two occasions that violent Natalie Bullock launched attacks on the publican, who a court heard she had a “personal vendetta” against. A month later, Bullock pulled her hair from her after calling her a ‘scumbag’ and a ‘grass.’ Bullock has now been handed a suspended prison sentence.

Bullock had already been barred from The Market Tavern pub in Hanley, Staffordshire due to previous incidents when she entered on the day of the first offence, last summer, Stoke-On-Trent live reports.

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She used a different name in order to get served. When the landlady realized who she was, she told her to finish her drink and leave. However, Bullock would not go quietly and poured the drink over the landlady’s head, the court was told.

The following month the defendant returned to the pub and again set about the landlady, pulling her hair. She also kicked out at a customer who tried to intervene and pushed the landlady’s husband who went to her aid de ella.

The Market Tavern in Hanley where the incidents occurred

The landlady saw the defendant enter the pub at 1pm on July 6 last year, Prosecutor Zaine Riaz said. “She was someone she knew to have a lifetime ban due to previous incidents,” he said.

“The defendant used an alias, Tilly. However, after serving her the landlady realized it was the same defendant and she had been banned a few weeks prior to this.”

The landlady said she could finish her drink but told her she needed to leave because she was banned. “The defendant became irate and began shouting, saying she should not be barred and she refused to leave,” said Mr Riaz.

“The landlady reached to confiscate her drink. However the defendant’s spit landed on her face and she poured the remainder of the drink on top of her head. Colleagues came to assist and removed the defendant from the premises.”

The defendant returned to the pub on August 27. At 3.45pm she was outside the pub and approached the landlady making threats. She said: “You are a scumbag and a grass and I am going to take you down.”

A drinker intervened to prevent the defendant harming the landlady. Mr Riaz said: “The defendant lunged to get past him. She grabbed hold of her hair and pulled her. She kicked the customer to his leg from her.

“The landlady’s husband witnessed the defendant pulling his wife’s hair and managed to separate them, telling her to go away. The defendant began to shout threats that she was going to kill her. She tried to go back inside the pub.

The defendant returned, kicked the pub door and pushed the landlady’s husband.” Police arrived and were met by a tirade of abuse and shouting. The defendant was arrested.

In a victim statement the landlady said the defendant has a personal vendetta against her. She has been left fearing for her safety from her and the safety of her family from her. She has gone from being independent to needing someone to go to the shops with her.

She bought a panic bell for the pub so if they saw the defendant her husband could come immediately. The assaults affected her sleep and she no longer lives and works in Hanley. She is now running The Green Star in Smallthorne.

Bullock, of Ubberley Road, Bentilee, in Stoke, pleaded guilty to four charges of assault by beating; and two charges of threatening behaviour. The plea to the first assault was on a basis that she did not deliberately spit at the landlady. Joanne Corbett, mitigating, said alcohol played a part in the defendant’s offending and she has referred herself to CDAS (Stoke-on-Trent Community Drug and Alcohol Service).

Miss Corbett said: “To acknowledge you have a problem and to act upon it is quite commendable. She is trying to do as much self-help as she can.” She added the defendant is remorseful for her behaviour.

Bullock was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months, at North Stafforshire Justice Centre. She was hit with a £728 court bill and was made the subject of restraining orders which prevent her from contacting her three victims for 12 months.

As part of the suspended sentence, Bullock must complete a rehabilitation activity requirement for 25 days and a six-month alcohol treatment requirement. She was also ordered to pay £200 compensation to the landlady; £50 to the landlady’s husband of her; £50 to the customer; £300 costs and a £128 surcharge.


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