Drink driving conviction could more than double your premium, insurance firm warns

A leading insurance company has issued a warning to drivers that a drink-driving conviction could see motor insurance premiums rise by a whopping 152 per cent.

New data from Admiral Insurance revealed that drink-driving is one of the most common motoring convictions that customers notify of when they renew their insurance policies. Furthermore, if a driver has an accident while drink-driving many insurers will refuse to cover the cost of the claim, resulting in a heft bill that includes the cost of third-party claims, Wales Online reports.

“As we approach a bank holiday weekend drivers are likely to be faced with situations where they have the opportunity to drink which could potentially put other road users, pedestrians, and themselves in danger. Whether that’s a trip to a country pub or a friend’s barbecue,” said Clare Egan, Head of Motor at Admiral.

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“After speeding and failing to stop at traffic lights, drink driving is the most common motoring conviction that customers notify us about. Our data also found that men are far more likely to receive a drink-driving related motoring conviction – of the customers that declared this conviction to us last year, 76 per cent were male.

“Younger drivers were more likely to declare this type of motoring conviction– 63 per cent were under 35 years old with only seven per cent over 55 years old. Looking at location, drivers in the Cardiff (CF) postcode area declared the most drink-driving convictions to us last year, followed by Glasgow (G) and Newcastle (NE).

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“Being caught over the limit can mean facing up to six months in prison, an unlimited fine and a driving ban of at least one year. But it can also impact your driving much further down the road. A drink-driving conviction is one of the offenses that can remain on a driving license for up to 11 years because of its severity.

“There are additional financial implications, too. Those convicted could find their insurance premiums increasing by more than 150 per cent – ​​that’s if they can get insurance at all. Someone coming to Admiral for a new business quote who has received a drink-driving conviction could see the premium quoted increase by up to 152 per cent. If it includes a driving ban or disqualification, as many do, it will still be higher.

“Plus, if you do have an accident while drink-driving, many insurers will refuse to cover the cost of the claim, meaning drivers could be left with hefty sums to pay, including the cost of third-party claims. While it’s tempting to think that you’re playing it safe by saying ‘I’ll just have one’, it’s surprising what a huge role factors like your weight, age and metabolism play in alcohol tolerance.

“Given that it’s virtually impossible to know if you are safe to drive – even after just one drink – it’s worth considering the full extent of the fall out before being tempted to get behind the wheel this bank holiday.”


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