Dramatic moment hot air balloon lands with BUMP in car park after nearly hitting houses

Residents in Taunton, Somerset were left baffled and alarmed after a hot air balloon landed in the middle of a locked car park after an “erratic flight” that saw it nearly hit some houses

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Taunton: Hot air balloon lands with a bump in car park

Dramatic footage captured the moment a hot air balloon landed with a “bump” after an “erratic flight” that saw it nearly crash into a number of houses.

Locals watched with equal parts amusement and horror as the hot air balloon was seen flying “very low and erratically”.

One eyewitness spotted the balloon soaring over the M5 in “trouble” before it was later able to land in a locked car park in Taunton, Somerset.

Nicki Witherden, a local resident, managed to film the balloon’s descent including the moment it finally touched down on the tarmac with a bump in Alllington Road Park, around 9:20pm on Thursday, May 19.

The 53-year-old officer administrator, who lives just opposite the disused car park, said the balloon had been spotted across Taunton early that evening.

The moment the rogue hot air balloon landed in a locked car park much to the surprise of locals


Nicki Witherden/SWNS)

The balloon, which landed in a car park off Lisieux Way, was packed away and collected “shortly after” landing


Nicki Witherden)

She said: “I’d dozed off and my partner woke me up rambling about something so I got up and looked out from the balcony door to be confronted by the sheer size of the red balloon descending.

“Lots of people had gathered to look with the noise of the fire ignition, it was a little scary to watch. Amazingly no one was injured or hurt.

“Lots of people had seen it descending around Taunton and it just happened to land right near to where I live.”

The video captured the moment the balloon landed in a car park surrounded by flats. The burner in the balloon fires again and again as it drifts slowly along the length of the car park as onlookers watch stunned.

Another witness added: “The balloon looked to be in trouble as it went over the motorway. It came very low over shops.

“It flew very low and erratically before coming down in the car park. The car park was locked so nobody could get out.

“They waited for a key holder to arrive. Passengers managed to exit via a side gate. The basket was very full of people. When it landed they were all very quiet.”

It was reported no one was injured during the balloon’s descent. The crew and some nearby residents then helped them squeeze the air out and pack it away.

One of the individuals onboard the balloon added on social media: “The pilot did a fantastic job to bring us down safely.”

The logo on the balloon – Original Bristol 106.5FM – is for a former radio station that operated between 2007 and 2009.

The current owners of the balloon are Bailey Balloons and have been approached for comment.

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