Dragons’ Den: Where to buy Panther Milk, Saucestream, Delhicious and LoveRose Lingerie


While it always gets a little heated on Dragon’s Dentonight, things didn’t get toasty for the reasons we were expecting.

We’re referring to the continuing feud between new dragon Steven Bartlett and fashion mogul Touker Suleyman, of course – the most gripping storyline since Janine pushed Barry off a cliff.

That’s not to say the entrepreneurs got away scot free, however. This evening, we saw the fearsome five interrogate the founders of several start-ups, including an Ayurvedic skincare company, a vegan alcoholic milk cocktail company, a post-surgery bra business and the founders of an intriguing contraption that makes glass sauce bottles squeezy.

If you missed last week’s episode and want a quick run-down of the start-ups featured in the show, which included a luxury skincare business, a coffee company and a clueless-style wardrobe app, have a read of our episode 11 Dragons’ Den company recap.

But if it’s Panther Milk or Saucestream you’re interested in, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about all the businesses seen in tonight’s show and where exactly you can buy their weird and wonderful products.


(Panther Milk)

There’s nothing quite like an alcoholic beverage to help get the dragons in the investing mood. While the dragons seemed obsessed with Glasgow-based Paul Crawford’s plant-based cocktail brand, Deborah Meaden was the only dragon to invest in the business.

Inspired by the old Spanish Leche De Pantera drink popular in Barcelona, ​​Panther Milk is a ready to drink, vegan, alcoholic beverage now available in the UK. Each bottle contains a 15 per cent ABV and there are a number of different flavors to try and come in two sizes – 70cl or 250ml.

There’s the original blend (£22.50, Panthermilk.com), strawberry (£22.50, Panthermilk.com), mint (£22.50, Panthermilk.com) and a 250ml mini trio package (£26.50, Panthermilk.com). We also saw coconut, coffee and salted caramel flavors – the latter being Steven Bartlett’s favorite – but these aren’t currently on sale on the company’s website. You can also buy the 70cl original and mint flavors on Amazon (£28, Amazon.co.uk).

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Dragon’s Den is a prime example of how competitive the skincare industry really is right now, with three skincare companies having featured in the last five episodes alone. But despite the dragons liking the product, and the brand going viral on TikTok, Zara Saleem’s natural Ayurvedic skincare brand failed to win their backing.

Delhicious has a range of vegan balms and scrubs made from natural ingredients. There’s a migh-tea moisture body balm for dry skin (£13.95, Delhiciousbody.com) and a min-tea moisture body balm (£13.95, Delhiciousbody.com), both of which are made with shea butter and Indian assam black tea. Or if it’s a scrub you’re after, the brand’s black tea body scrubs come in a variety of scents including original (£8.95, Delhiciousbody.com), coconut (£8.95, Delhiciousbody.com) and mint (£8.95, Delhiciousbody. com). But if you really can’t decide, there are a couple bundles available to shop as well.

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(Love Rose Lingerie)

It’s the business that divided Bartlett and Suleyman. Caroline Kennedy Alexander and Sarah Bell Jones, founders of the luxury post-op bra brand, had a powerful reason for existing – winning the dragons’ hearts, but sadly not their cash.

LoveRose makes high-end lingerie, aimed at helping post-operative breast cancer patients look and feel good. The company sells wire-free, pocketed and non-pocketed bras in a range of colours, styles and sizes with all costing somewhere between £85 and £95 (Loveroselingerie.com).

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Not many entrepreneurs return for a second grilling, but Peter Neath and Ian Worton, who entered the den more than a decade ago with the now wildly popular Grillstream BBQ, did just that. Scared to miss out on another revolutionary product (which they did the first time), all of the dragons were just about jumping out of their seats to invest in the latest innovation, but it was Peter Jones, Steven Bartlett and Deborah Meaden who ended up with a chunk of the sauciest pie.

Saucestream squeezers make glass bottles squeezy, helping you reduce your plastic waste. The company makes a range of different Saucestream squeezers for different brands, including Heinz ketchup, HP brown sauce, Waitrose Thousand Island and many more.

You screw the silicon rubber squeezers onto the top and use the bottle as if it were a squeezy plastic one. Each squeezer costs £14.99 (Saucestream.com), but you can buy two as a bundle (£19.99, Saucestream.com), and there’s also a bottle protection cap (£2.99, Saucestream.com).

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