Dozens of people try to stop the eviction in Arrigorriaga de Joaqui, a victim of sexist violence



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Joaqui, who lives with his daughter and minor granddaughters, is not in the house. The Ertzaintza has cordoned off the area and it is expected that, from one moment to another, the judicial procession will arrive.

Today, November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, The eviction is planned in Arrigorriaga de Joaqui, a woman victim of sexist violence, who lives with his daughter with functional diversity and two minor granddaughters. They will expel her from her home to hand her over to her attacker, her ex-husband.

Since the morning dozens of people have come to the Abusu neighborhood to offer support to the family. Several members of the Batu Mutual Support Network are inside the house.

The Ertzaintza has cordoned off the area of ​​Joaqui’s home portal, and as reported by the Batu Mutual Support Network, in a moment of tension, it has attacked the concentrates.

It is expected that, from one moment to another, the judicial delegation will arrive to execute the eviction and the citizen solidarity network will try to negotiate to stop it.

Joaqui, his daughter and the granddaughters are not in the house, since for about a week they have lived in a room reserved by the Arrigorriaga City Council for victims of gender violence.

Joaqui was married to a man who used gender violence against her, for which she was convicted. However, her ex-husband never entered prison for this reason, not even after having violated the restraining order.

“Our neighbor spent 2 years with an escort, because her safety was seriously endangered, making life in the neighborhood not pass smoothly and normally,” they say.

During the years of relationship, both signed a notarial document for which she had to pay 625,000 pesetas to her husband to obtain ownership of the house, while he held the usufruct of it. This means that Joaqui, despite not living there, would have to face all the costs of the community. “Obviously, this is an unfair agreement, which was signed under conditions of manipulation and ignorance, in a context of inequality of power, “they warn.

Based on this agreement, her ex-partner denounced Joaqui in 2019, with the intention of throwing her, her daughter and her granddaughters out of the house, and thus being able to return to reside in that house. “She, used to living all this alone, did not share her situation with anyone other than her lawyer and grassroots social services until 2021; when the aggressor reported Joaqui again, she told a neighbor what was happening to him “, they explain.

For a week they have lived in a room provided by the Arrigorriaga City Council, and they are looking, together with Social Services, for a suitable social rental housing for them.

In the following video, Joaqui herself offers her testimony:

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