Dog poo capital of UK has been crowned as complaints about the smelly mess soar

Protect my Paws has been analyzing tweets with a number of poo-related keywords to discover where dog poo is at its worst in the UK – and York came out on top with the most complaints

York has been named the UK’s dog poo capital

They say a dog is a man’s best friend but some are muckier than others, and people aren’t hiding their frustration.

The dog poo capital of the UK has been crowned after complaints about the smelly mess soared.

York has been found to have the biggest problem with dog poo, according to Protect my Paws, who analyzed tweets with a number of poo-related keywords – such as ‘dog poo’ and ‘stepped in poo’ – to reveal where dog poo is at its worst

They came across 97.6 angry dog ​​poo tweets per 100,000 residents, followed by 89.3 in Norwich and 82.8 in Manchester.

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Norwich placed second in Protect my Paws’ research and Manchester in third


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A statement reads: “Manchester, the UK’s third-angriest-about-pavement-parcels city, tweets 82.8 times per 100,000 people per year.

“It’s no surprise when you consider Manchester’s canine population produces 77 tons (70,000kg) of the stuff every day – around twice as much as Newcastle, Southampton, or Sheffield.

“Edinburgh is Scotland’s dog poop capital and number four in the UK.

“Keep Scotland Beautiful recently campaigned for locals not to do ‘half a jobbie’ – bag the poop but then discard the whole bag thoughtlessly.

“One Edinburgh family was forced to collect more than 380 bagged poops chucked onto their farm over the first few months of lockdown.”

Manchester’s dog population produces 77 tons of waste every day


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The dog poo capitals of the UK, according to Protect my Paws:

York – 97.6 times per 100,000 people

Norwich – 89.3 times per 100,000 people

Manchester – 82.8 times per 100,000 people

Edinburgh – 57.2 times per 100,000 people

Nottingham – 56.4 times per 100,000 people

Newcastle – 51.5 times per 100,000 people

Liverpool – 47.6 times per 100,000 people

Glasgow – 45 times per 100,000 people

Cardiff – 34.4 times per 100,000 people

Bristol – 33.9 times per 100,000 people

Protect my Paws is urging owners to not only clean up after their dogs, but to check their ‘offerings’ before bagging them up and throwing them out.

“There are those that leave dog poop where it falls and those who bag it and then abandon the bag. Why? You already did the difficult part,” the statement adds.

“And then there is the majority, who pick it, bag it, and dispose of it responsibly. But the story doesn’t end there.

“Your dog’s poop can talk to you. While it is a health hazard for anyone else, dog poop is a vital sign of a dog’s health to its owner.

“The colour, shape, and consistency of pooch’s droppings can alert you to pressing medical needs – so before you chuck it, check it.”

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