Dog owner holds vigil for ‘dying’ pet who turned out to be in ‘food coma’

Charlie Oliver, 28, from Northampton, told of her worry for her seven-month-old cocker spaniel Spud, only to later find out that he was sick because he had eaten a box of 35 treats

A woman has told how she was convinced her dog was seriously ill
A woman has told how she was convinced her dog was seriously ill

A dog owner has told how she couldn’t sleep as she was convinced that her dog was dying but later found out that he was just sick after secretly munching his way through am entire pack of 35 treats.

Charlie Oliver, 28, from Northampton, later found out that her seven-month-old cocker spaniel Spud, must have chewed through the cardboard packaging of the 35 Dental Treats that left him with a bad stomach.

She said he vomited twice and was “listless” on November 10 that left her very worried.

“Spud was fine at first, then he became really listless, he was lying down, he wasn’t running about. Then he started to vomit, and he’s never really done that,” she said.

“That’s when I thought ‘something’s really wrong’. I rang up the vet and they asked us to check if his stomach was hard and to check his temperature – that wasn’t fun.

Charlie Oliver, 28, said she was not able to sleep out of worry for her dog


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“Spud’s like my shadow. He’d never been poorly, he’d always been perky and ready to go. He’s so energetic. For him to suddenly be ill, I was so concerned. I wanted to cry, I was so worried.

“Everybody kept telling me ‘he’ll be fine, don’t worry. He’ll have just eaten something’. But I just couldn’t figure out what.

“I went to google it – and I’ve learned you should never google it, because it had me convinced he was dying.

” Google was bringing up results about whether he’d eaten a nut, or whether he’d eaten a poisonous leaf. I thought ‘he’s probably eaten something poisonous, because the world’s so dangerous’.

Spud was vomiting and acting in a “listless” manner


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“He just hammed it up. I swear Cocker Spaniels are known for this. He was just looking at me with sad eyes, so I was really worried.

“I was genuinely panicking. He was so young, I didn’t understand what could be wrong. Then I found out he’d just been a greedy pig.”

Charlie’s discovery came at 3am when she ventured into the kitchen for a cup of tea, after a sleepless night spent worrying about her poorly pup.

She said: “I went to bed, and I sat up watching him because I was so concerned that he was sick.

“At about three o’clock, I thought ‘just get a cup of tea and sort your life out, you’re being ridiculous.’

Spud had found a packet of treats and managed to eat 35 of them


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“It was when I was downstairs that I discovered the dental chew packet in his bed. The wrapper was in one of his dog beds, tucked away in a pillow bit of it. I thought ‘You cheeky sod’.

“I went over to the cupboard and realised he’d snaffled the box. He just got into the big box and ate the whole thing. It was a box of 28 and there was another packet of 7, so 35 overall.

“I was happy that I knew what was wrong, but I can’t even explain the farts that came from him. They were something else. I could never make a candle out of it, that’s for sure.

“Next morning, he was absolutely fine, but I was fuming.

“I don’t know he managed it either, it’s not like he’s on his own. He’s been really ninja about the whole thing.

“He’d managed to nibble a hole through the box and pull out the treats through that. He’d eaten the whole box, I’d only gotten it a day or so before.

“He’d nibbled his way into the box and left all the other empty packets inside.

“I thought ‘We’ve either got really good mice, or you’re in trouble, mate’

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