Dog dies after eating ‘poisonous’ potpourri leaving behind ‘heartbroken’ owners

Dog owners Kev Sykes, 35, and Kev Douglas, 48, were left devastated when their little Yorkshire terrier Alfie died after munching on the fragrant dried flowers in Hawick on the Scottish Borders on Monday

Alfie, a Yorkshire terrier pup, died after eating potpourri near his home in the Scottish Borders on Monday

A dog -owning couple have been “crying uncontrollably” since their pooch died after eating “poisonous” potpourri.

Yorkshire terrier, Alfie, chomped on the fragrant dried flowers while his owners weren’t looking at their home in Hawick in the Scottish Borders on Monday night.

Just 24 hours later and the tiny pup had passed away, leaving behind his devastated owners, Kev Sykes, 35, and Kev Douglas, 48.

Grieving Kev Sykes told the Daily Record : “We are absolutely gutted and heartbroken.

“When Alfie died I went berserk, I was uncontrollably crying.

“We had him cremated on Thursday morning, it’s just been so hard.”

The potpourri the eleven-year-old canine munched was a mixture of bags from home retailer Habitat and an unbranded selection bought at a Christmas market.

Owners Kev Sykes (left) and Kev Douglas (right) said they were devastated when Alfie died

The pup was cremated yesterday morning

The hairdresser added: “Alfie never usually goes anywhere near potpourri.

“But on Monday night I turned my back for five minutes then saw the stuff had spilled out onto the floor and later realised he had eaten some.

“He seemed fine at the time, but then suddenly fell ill the next day.”

Panic set in on Tuesday morning when little Alfie started being violently sick, vomiting up parts of the potpourri.

Local vets administered anti-sickness injections and send the pooch home with tablets to help with acid reflux.

Kev and husband Kev, a butcher, admit their beloved pet ‘seemed better’ but as the evening drew in they noticed he ‘wasn’t moving much, seemed tired and only lifted his head when hairdresser Kev returned from work’.

Tragically, at around 8pm, Alfie passed away in front of his owners.

The bereft couple are now reeling after discovering the ingredients listed on the Habitat label (eugenol, linalool, isoeugenol and cinnamal) are ‘toxic and poisonous’ to dogs and are urging all retailers to carry warnings on their packaging.

Ken added: “Those ingredients are listed on the Habitat bag, but the Christmas market bag didn’t even have a label.

“When we read out the Habitat ingredients to the vet, they told us they were poisonous. We were devastated.

“The label says ‘avoid consumption’ but it doesn’t say anything about a threat to the lives of animals.

“We’re speaking out now to warn other dog owners to be vigilant and keep potpourri out of reach.

“If us sharing our story can save the life of one pet, then it’s worth it.

“We don’t want anyone else to experience what we’re going through right now.”

Habitat is part of the Sainsbury’s Group.

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s said: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we’re investigating and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss with the customer.”

For advice and information on what to do if you suspect your pet has been poisoned head to the Medivet website.

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