Dog breeding plan for Ayrshire builder’s yard axed as 5am barking complaint made

A retrospective plan to transform a builder’s yard into commercial dog kennels has been axed by East Ayrshire Council’s planning committee.

The refusal comes after locals railed against the blueprints submitted by Mrs Willamena Brown with a majority complaining about the noise of barking from the site.

One neighbor even claimed that the noise from puppies started as early as 5am and could go on late into the night.

The 2,200 sq m site, currently classed as a builder’s yard, just off Brown Street in Newmilns is sandwiched between an electricity distribution site and a factory.

At the planning meeting, it emerged that a probe was launched into the site after complaints were made about dog breeding taking place at the site.

Fiona Finlay, the council’s development management team leader, said: “Complaints were received by the planning service in November ’21 regarding alleged dog breeding taking place at the site.

“Following an investigation by the planning enforcement officer, the current application has been received. The application form states that the applicant was unaware planning permission was required.”

Council officers recommended that the application be refused because no noise impact assessment had been provided and that the development was not “compatible” with the surrounding environment.

Paul Gilchrist, environmental health officer, added: “In considering this application the environmental health officer looked at the nature of the development and the surrounding environment and was concerned about unacceptable noise impact from the development, particularly in terms of dog barking.

“Commercial premises do give rise to complaints of excessive noise and within that last few weeks we have had a number of complaints related to dog barking from this particular premises.”

Mr Gilchrist said that until a noise impact assessment can be provided and assessed, the department’s objection remained in place.

George Mair, who was a councilor at the time the meeting took place in April, said he was “really concerned” the council’s planning department and licensing section was tied “in knots” because the applicant already has a dog breeder’s license.

Because the development management section of the planning service were moved to governance services in September last year Mr Mair said objections to breeder’s licenses should be raised at the planning stage.

The application site is associated with a website called ‘Puppies R Us’ which, according to their site, sells six different breeds of dogs “at different times”, including: Cocker Spaniel puppies, Cockapoo puppies, Labrador puppies, Labradoodle puppies, Poodle puppies and Goldendoodle puppies. The firm is a licensed dog breeder.

A total of 18 objections were made and councillors carried the proposal to refuse the application.

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