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Have you ever considered collaborating to “put your grain of sand” in the fight against prostitution and human trafficking? The State Security Forces have reinforced their specialized teams throughout Spain to combat this crime, both in the Civil Guard and in the National Police. A crime that, as in gender violence, citizen collaboration is vital to free the victims, mostly women who are exploited for work and sexually, who are forced into prostitution, living in prison of criminal organizations.

We have shared a conference in Ciudad Real with heads of these groups in the field of the National Police to learn how they act and what guidelines we must follow to provide information in these cases. We salute the inspector Alberto Maján López, Head of the Task Force Against Human Trafficking of the Provincial Foreigners Brigade ý Chief Inspector Juan Manuel Collado Muñoz, Chief of the Provincial Foreigners Brigade.

Chief Inspector Juan Manuel Collado and Inspector Alberto Maján have offered us guidance to collaborate with the Security Forces in crimes against human trafficking / Cadena SER

They reveal to us that a routine inspection and the collaboration of a victim led to the uncovering in Ciudad Real a month ago of a criminal organization of human trafficking with ramifications in Granada and Valdepeñas. Behind, the harsh reality, vulnerable women who had been deceived from their countries of origin, Colombia and who were forced to practice prostitution, in this case in camouflaged rental flats, even being forced to take narcotic substances.

He acknowledges that a large part of the inquiries are the product of visits to hostess clubs and police work because the victims are very reluctant, however, as was the case, their testimony, the testimony is a key step towards liberation.

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Women who can go to a friend of the environment or an NGO and in the event that they place their trust in the Police, they are guaranteed total anonymity, confidentiality and are considered as protected witnesses.

Archive image of the joint operation between the Civil Guard and the National Police, which uncovered a floor where prostitution was practiced in Valdepeñas / Guardia Civil

Accompaniment to victims when they report

The Head of the Provincial Foreigners Brigade, Juan Manuel Collado Muñoz reiterates that from minute one, when they decide to report, they are not left alone. If that is their wish, to leave the activity, they are put in contact with NGOs and they are guaranteed a residence permit given the exceptional situation that they present, even when they return to their countries of origin, if they request it.

It is very difficult, they reiterate, but collaboration is vital to end the sexual exploitation that leads them to be subjected, not even being able to go out on the street or have the money they obtain, requisitioned by the organization, in a high percentage, more 50%, they specify.

The police representatives warn the users of prostitution, that they should be aware that the money they contribute for the services provided is not for them, they are intervened for what they add … They are not doing them any favors, they are stories that give real terror, reflects Inspector Maján.

Archive image of the operation Malus Somnia-Meso / Guardia Civil

900 10 50 90, free line to report crimes against trafficking

Let us remember that Ciudad Real and Castilla La Mancha is one of the regions of Spain with the most hostess clubs, historically, although with the pandemic, the activity has moved to private flats. They recommend to the neighborhood that before any suspicion of a lot of traffic, in a community of owners do not hesitate to sound the alarm, notify the Police or the Civil Guard. Do not be afraid because the data provided is analyzed for the investigation, no procedure is opened, they indicate. In this case, many perceived it but did not take the step.

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Know that there are free telephone lines to report these events on 900 10 50 90 or 091 24 hours a day. Any of us can also help, even sending an email [email protected]


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