Division in the Government for the deaths at the Melilla fence

The death of 23 migrants at the Melilla fence this weekend has shown a new clash between the two partners of the coalition government. United We Can has demanded an independent investigation and a condemnation of the Moroccan police actionto which they attribute the “tragic outcome” of the jump to the fence, while Pedro Sánchez and the socialist sector of the Executive have supported Rabat, have avoided responding to this investigation and have blamed the “international mafias” for what happened.

The President of the Government lamented this Monday “loss of human lives” and has reaffirmed himself in his statements on Saturday, a day after the jump, when he thanked the work of the Spanish and Moroccan police forces. “The Moroccan gendarmerie worked in coordination with the forces and state security forces to repel this violent assault,” he said.

At first, the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, declared herself “very shocked” by the images and assured that “it is necessary to clarify what happened.” This Monday, UP has specified its position and has presented a non-law proposal in Congress in which it urges the Executive to condemn “the loss of human life and the actions of the Moroccan security forces that led to this tragic outcome” and to “immediately open an independent investigation” to clarify what happened.

The Government avoids responding to the request for an investigation

After the Council of Ministers, the spokesperson minister, Isabel Rodríguez, has avoided responding as to whether the Executive supports this investigation. It has been limited to moving “Condolences to all the victimsboth migrants and members of the security forces and bodies”.

The tension between the two government partners has been evidenced in this press conference after the Council. The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, has also participated in it to present the trans law. Even though she has been asked by journalists up to five times about their assessment of what happened, It has been Rodríguez who has responded on behalf of the entire Government, and Montero has not spoken.

Rodríguez regrets the loss of life in Melilla and thanks the Moroccan forces for “collaboration” to “protect our borders”

“We are horrified as democrats and as people by the images of Melilla“, affirmed for his part the spokesman for United We Can in the Lower House, Pablo Echenique, who has also denounced that “Morocco is beginning to bury corpses without identification”, for which “we must guarantee a dignified burial”. Although Rabat figure in 23 dead and does not specify the number of wounded, the NGOs They raise the figure to between 27 and 37 deceased.

The request to investigate what happened has also come from Más País, which has registered a series of questions about the “37 people murdered on the border with Melilla”, while the PP has requested the appearance of Sánchez in Congress. The PSOE has not responded to his position when it comes to investigating these deaths. The party’s spokesman, Felipe Sicilia, has insisted on “regretting the deaths” and attributing them to the mafias.


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