Diverse reactions among political parties to the message of Felipe VI


On Christmas’ Eve


PNV, EH Bildu and Podemos Euskadi have criticized that he did not refer to the situation of the Emeritus King, while the Basque PP and the PSOE have positively valued the content of the message.

The traditional Christmas Eve message of Felipe VI has been received with a diversity of opinions by the political parties.


The PNV spokesperson in the Congress of Deputies, Aitor Esteban, has referred to the Christmas Eve message of His Majesty King Felipe VI to warn the monarch that “credibility” is not “changing the photo and setting of the speech” and that “talking about public and moral integrity is not a guarantee that there is that public and moral integrity “.

In an appearance in Bilbao, Esteban has considered that the King’s speech this year “has not differed much from other years with respect to a statement of topics, that some of them may be fine, but without going into detail.”

Aitor Esteban has said that he has been surprised that “there has been only one short sentence, very specific, speaking that the institutional leaders should be an example of public and moral integrity.” “It surprises me, because it seems that he is putting duties to everyone and he goes on tiptoe only saying that phrase about the serious problem that afflicts the crown,” he criticized.

eh Bildu

The EH Bildu spokesperson in Congress, Mertxe Aizpurua, has criticized the “image operation” that is being promoted to “delineate what the Emeritus King was and what Felipe VI may be” with the aim that the Monarchy “continues to exist, as if nothing had happened.”

Speaking to the media in Usurbil (Gipuzkoa), Aizpurua has valued King Felipe VI’s Christmas Eve speech to consider that “it is more important for what he stopped saying than for what he said.” In this sense, he has warned that “when what a representative of an institution does not say is more important than what he actually says, it makes very clear the level of credibility that this institution has.”

Aizpurua has said that, “curiously and ironically” the King advocated for institutions that “maintain their dignity and integrity both in social policy and from the public point of view”, when he is the head of State and of a Monarchy that “really He is not giving any signs of any of this. “


The president of the PSOE, Cristina Narbona, has valued this Saturday the King’s Christmas speech and has indicated that, in the opinion of his party, he has been correct “both in the diagnosis of the problems and in the way of reacting to them.”

In a message released by the PSOE, the senator also highlighted that Felipe VI addressed in his speech the main problems that affect Spaniards and that have to do with “their health, safety, employment and well-being” and stressed that He showed “all his empathy and solidarity.”

Likewise, he has emphasized the monarch’s appeal to all institutions to be exemplary in the exercise of their functions to “increase the confidence of citizens” in them and has taken up the need for “respect”, “dialogue” and the “collaboration” between all public bodies “to reach the major agreements that are required at a time of enormous transformation.”

We can Euskadi

The Basque deputy of United We Can Juantxo López de Uralde has criticized that, in his Christmas Eve message, King Felipe VI did not make “not the slightest mention of the cases of corruption of the King Emeritus, an example of lack of ethics and corruption and recognized throughout the planet.”

In statements to the media, López de Uralde has affirmed that the monarch offered “an empty speech”, although he has acknowledged that they are not surprised because “from an opaque institution, such as the Monarchy, we can expect little.”

In that sense, he has criticized that “he flew over the general problems in an absolutely generalist way, but he did not speak about what we were all waiting for, what is happening with the Monarchy and what happens with the cases of corruption of the King Emeritus, but Not the slightest mention was made of that. “


The president of the Basque PP, Carlos Iturgaiz, has highlighted the “great defense of the Spanish Constitution” made by King Felipe VI in his Christmas Eve speech and has assured that those who want to “break the current constitutional framework in their bid to break will always fail.”

In statements to the media, Iturgaiz assured that “yesterday we again heard a great speech by His Majesty the King in defense of the Spanish Constitution, because it is the tool of coexistence and the union of all Spaniards to face future challenges of our nation. “

In this sense, he has assured that “those who want to defenestrate and break the current constitutional framework in their commitment to division and rupture, will always fail before the strength of our democratic institutions.”


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