Diver shocked as nightmarish ‘sea monster’ appears from ocean depths to snap up fish

TikToker Samuel Wardner – who uses the handle @blackpointoutdoor – shared a clip of the terrifying encounter with a colossal sea monster, the Atlantic goliath grouper, which can eat sharks in a single gulp

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Fisherman has his catch stolen by a bigger fish

A spearfisher was dragged through the water when a terrifying colossal sea monster emerged from the depths to gobble up his catch.

Diver Samuel Wardner shared a terrifying clip of the ordeal on TikTok, racking up 8million views since posting it four days ago.

The footage shows Samuel swim among a massive shoal of fish, before he lines up his spear to take aim at his catch, the Daily Star reports.

After firing with perfect precision and hitting the intended fish, an ominous shape emerges from the darkness below.

The beast then chomps down on his catch as Samuel tries to wrestle it from the monster’s powerful jaws.

I captioned the video: “There’s always a bigger fish”



A TikToker and diver shared the terrifying moment a colossal fish emerged from the depths below him



Eventually, the fish was taken and Samuel left empty-handed – although the thrill of the experience left him more than happy as he shrieked with delight when returning to his boat.

It turned out the creature was an Atlantic goliath grouper, one of the largest species of bony fish on the planet.

Capable of growing to lengths of more than 2 meters, the monster fish have also been known to eat sharks in one gulp.

The fish can reach two meters long and swallow sharks in a single gulp


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And, unsurprisingly, viewers were absolutely petrified by what they witnessed.

“Nah I would have cut the line man,” one wrote.

Another commented: “Would be so spooked to get the line wrapped around something and get pulled deep.”

And a third said: “Dude you just caught one of the biggest fish ever. They’re known as goliath groupers and their mouths open to 3x their body meaning they eat sharks.

The TikToker was swimming through a shoal of fish at the time



It’s not the first time a clip of a Goliath grouper fish has gone viral.

Back in 2019, footage of a great white shark battling the sea monster stunned the internet.

And another clip emerged back in 2016 showed a man getting sucked underwater by the fish.

Earlier this month, the body of a rare shark born when King Henry VIII was on the throne was found off Britain.

The Greenland shark which has the longest known lifespan of all vertebrate species between 250 and 500 years was spotted by a walker on a beach at Newlyn Harbor near Penzance, Cornwall on Sunday, March 13.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Marine Strandings Network was contacted and arrived at the beach within an hour but the tide had come in and washed the shark back out into the sea.

This sparked an urgent appeal to search for the shark.

A crew from Mermaid Pleasure Trips found the shark and took it ashore.

Marine Strandings Network thanks the crew for their efforts.

They said: “We are absolutely delighted to update you that the superb crew from Mermaid Pleasure Trips, Penzance, Trev and Kingsley, this evening found and brought ashore the dead Greenland shark which previously stranded on Sunday and then washed back out to sea.

“Well well done Trev and Kingsley you complete legends!”

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