Dictionary to survive in San Fermín

The Sanfermines have their own language and it is advisable to know it in order to move like a fish in water during the festivities. Now becoming another pamplonica is possible.

You have to take good note because some of the words that follow sound, and a lot, in San Fermín. Let’s go there!

Villavesa, gang or kilikis

There are thousands of people who come to the Sanfermines, but do they all know the words that are heard the most? Yes, there is a basic vocabulary to understand the parties. Comparsa, leg, go to guiri, society, gang, villavesa, txoznas or kilikis are some of the essential words to enjoy the Sanfermines as it deserves.

“The comparsa is the group made up of giants and big heads that comes out at San Fermín to cheer up the little ones in the house,” explains one of the partygoers in ‘La Hora de la 1’. But it is not the only word that the most knowledgeable have resolved: “Pata, it’s being a bit of a hooligan, breaking the rules“, they explain.

“Going as a foreigner is going badly dressed. With the girdle on the wrong side or wearing black pants. And society is where friends get together to eat,” others say.

There are many specific terms of these parties used among citizens during these days, some more practical than others: “La villavesa is the public bus. The txoznas are booths that put societies, the rocks and the kilikis are what are known as big heads“, they conclude.

Lunches are an important part of the party

The ‘poteo’ or what is the same: go for ‘pintxos’, you cannot miss these days. In addition, the return of the party, after the restrictions caused by the pandemic, is an economic oxygen balloon for the restaurant sector.

There is no lack of traditional proposals, nor the most innovative, they will be frenetic days for the hotel industry. And it is that to resist these nine days so intense you have to be well fed. The lunches in the Sanfermines are a fundamental part of the party. And it is already known: “We have to go to Pamplona, ​​to eat for San Fermín“.

This Thursday, the first confinement after the pandemic

This Thursday the first running of the bulls takes place, the last one dates back to 2019, before the pandemic. Three years ago nobody imagined that the runners would wait so long to enjoy those magical 850 meters again.

They said goodbye to the Sanfermines in 2019, without knowing that “poor me” would not be sung again until two years later. The pandemic gave runners a symbolic goring that has finally healed. But this year, again, they have been able to enjoy the chupinazo with emotion.

And it is that the running of the bulls in 2019 have gone down in history as the last ones before Covid. Eight days and less than four minutes in each race, which began with the request to the saint. Of course, with the rolled up newspaper in hand.

This 2022 the runners will go through the 848 meters that separate the ‘corralillos’ of Santo Domingo from the Plaza de Toros de Pamplona.

From the Chupinazo to the last bull run

From day 7, Julian Iantzi, Ana Prada Y Theo Lazarus They will comment from 7:15 on the previous moments, the running of the bulls and the subsequent analysis in the special program ‘Vive San Fermín’ on La 1 and RTVE Play.

The retransmission of the running of the bulls will pay attention to the classic enclaves, such as the Santo Domingo slope, the Mercaderes curve and the entrance alley to the bullring, which this year also celebrates its centenary. On RTVE.es it will be possible to follow in multi-camera mode: up to nine signals simultaneously and the viewer/user can choose from which point of view to enjoy the running of the bulls each day.


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