Deliveroo rider punched in road rage attack by fuming van driver who was with daughter

Michael Derbyshire was carrying out a job delivering a Burger King order in Sutton when a driver – apparently angry at the biker avoiding heavy traffic – attacked him

Michael Derbyshire was punched several times and suffered a broken nose

A Deliveroo rider was left with a broken nose after being attacked by a furious van driver who had been sitting alongside his daughter.

Michael Derbyshire has suffered from persistent dizziness and headaches since the unprovoked assault on Tuesday.

Michael was carrying out a job delivering a Burger King order to an address in Sutton when a driver began motioning aggressively at him, reports Hull Live.

Angered by Michael weaving through the congested rush hour traffic on his bike, the unknown man – aged in his late thirties to mid forties – made a rude gesture at him through the car window.

But as he continued on his journey, the driver put his foot down on the accelerator and veered towards him.

It was in this area where the attack took place


HullLive / MEN)

Michael said the driver had a young child in his passenger seat – a blonde girl aged roughly seven – who he believed to be the man’s daughter.

It was at this point Michael said he slapped against the driver’s door in a bid to stop his aggressive behaviour.

The attacker, with the child in the car, then screeched in front of Michael, getting out and punching him twice in the face, then several more times in the side and back of his helmet.

“My nose was immediately broken and pouring with blood,” Michael said.

“By the time I had dropped the bike stand and got off, he was running back to his van to make an escape.

Michael was stunned by the road rage attack


HullLive / MEN)

He is still recovering – and police are searching for the van driver


HullLive / MEN)

“I attempted to prevent him leaving by opening the door but couldn’t. I then took hold of his wing mirror and attempted to gain entry through the window to take his keys, but couldn’t.”

The attacker sped off going the wrong direction around the roundabout into oncoming rush hour traffic, disappearing towards the next roundabout near Chamberlain Road.

Humberside Police are now trying to track down the driver, as it’s believed numerous other motorists may have seen the attack and could potentially have dashcam footage.

“A motorcyclist was assaulted on Stoneferry Road, Hull, near to Pets at home on Tuesday, November 23, 2021 at around 6pm,” they said.

“The motorcyclist was punched several times by another angry motorist who got out of a white van, causing bruising to the victims eye socket and causing nose cartilage damage whilst the victim was sat on his motorcycle in traffic.

“We believe there maybe numerous witnesses to this which may help us trace the offender.”

Michael added: “I only managed to get a partial registration number because my eyes were badly watering from the injury to my nose and face and I was in some shock.

“Police have not yet been able to find any CCTV footage of the incident.

“Two women did stop in white cars to ask if I needed witnesses, but I was too dazed to have a proper conversation with them and the traffic was impatient to start moving, and they drove off while I was on the phone to the police.”

Michael was treated for his injuries at Hull Royal Infirmary where his face was X-rayed for potential fractures to the cheekbone.

Doctors have since told him he has a cartilage fracture and he needs to attend Castle Hill Hospital next week to determine whether he will need corrective surgery.

He added: “I have not been able to ride and do my job for the past couple of days and probably won’t until my next hospital appointment. I can’t wear my helmet due to facial swelling and pain, and the intense discomfort of the cold air entering my broken nose.

“I have also had a persistent headache and dizziness since the attack which has not yet gone away.”

Anyone who witnessed Tuesday evening’s incident is urged to call police on 101 quoting log 356 of November 23 or log number 16/115856/21.

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