DC. OO., LAB and UGT sign a preliminary agreement with the Bizkaia Metal Association


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The unions assure that the agreement will improve the working conditions of the workers and emphasize that the agreement is the result of their struggle, since it has been achieved after ten days of strike.

Unions DC. OO., LAB and UGT have reached an agreement in principle with the employers’ association FVEM for the Bizkaia metal agreement, thus ending a conflict that tomorrow was going to face the first of another eight days of strike.

As reported by CCOO, the majority central of the signatories, the agreement will be valid for 3 years (until 2021), with a rise in the 2018 CPI plus 2.5%, from the CPI + 1.75% in 2019, from the CPI + 1.5% in 2020 and CPI + 1.5 in 2021 (in the last three years the reference CPI is that of the previous year).

Other measures included in the pre-agreement are subrogation to avoid “downward auctions of working conditions”, the ultra-activity of the agreement, the maintenance of the regulation of the previous agreement on temporary disabilities and the creation of a commission on gender equality in the metal sector of Bizkaia.

The agreement, after the ratification of the preliminary agreement by the union and employer bodies, will be signed next Monday, December 2.

It’s a statement, CC. YES. he has described the agreement as “a new triumph of the struggle of the working class.” “It has been shown once again that the mobilization-negotiation binomial works,” commissions commented.

LAB He stressed that the pre-agreement has been reached for the 10 days of the strike and the 8 that began tomorrow. “Between all of us we have materialized a historical struggle and a new era has opened in Bizkaia Metal, in the workplace and in society,” said the national center.

“LAB’s incidence in this strike has been fundamental and decisive in starting it, moving forward and reaching the goal. We are proud and proud of the work done,” he added.

For its part, UGT has considered this agreement “totally positive” because “it will bring regulation to the sector, disappearing the double salary scale that had been given with two agreements in force, one from 2013 and another from 2018 (of limited effectiveness), which is the one on which update tables “.

“This means the economic recovery in reference to what was lost in salary tables during these 8 years. It is also important to highlight the great progress in job security and equality,” says UGT.

For its part, IS IT OVER THERE, which has not signed the preliminary agreement, has explained in a note that the proposal presented by the employer has “matters that must be improved.” “We also see with concern that there has been some setback from previous agreements,” he added.

Likewise, the central has announced that it will carry out a detailed analysis of the preliminary agreement and will decide with its delegates the steps it will take from now on and has attributed the “change in attitude” of the FVEM to the mobilization and success of the strikes.

The one for metal in Bizkaia is the most important provincial sectoral agreement in the Basque Country as it affects about 50,000 workers.


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