Daughter’s fury after TUI refuse mum water to wash down her medication on flight

Ellie Fisher, 23, said she was was with her mum Natalie Williams, 49, when they found out about Covid regulations meaning they could not be given water to take tablets

Natalie Williams and her daughter Ellie Fisher, who have complained about their treatment by TUI staff

A daughter claims her disabled mum was not allowed to take vital medication on a nine-hour flight – after TUI staff refused to serve water on board due to Covid.

Ellie Fisher, 23, was with mum Natalie Williams, 49, on trip to the Dominican Republic when she said it happened.

She said TUI informed passengers just after taking off that they would only be serving drinks once during the nine-hour flight – and refused to make an exception.

Passengers were each offered water or juice with the scheduled meal, but aside from this no other drinks were served, Ellie said.

She claims that there was not a warning of this policy on TUI’s website or anywhere else during the reservation process, StokeOnTrent Live reports.

Ellie’s mum Natalie needs to take regular medication on a daily basis. But bizarrely, she claims that when she requested a small cup of water to take her pills, she staff refused to make an exception to the rule.

Natalie and Ellie Fisher were on a flight to the Dominican Republic


Ellie Fisher/SWNS)

Ellie, from Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, said: “We were really excited when we got to the airport to finally be going away after all the restrictions of the pandemic.

“But when we got on board the flight, they told us they weren’t serving drinks outside of the scheduled meal time because of the risk of spreading Covid. No one had told us this before, so we didn’t think to grab any water at the airport after we went through security.

“Mum has to take medication regularly so this obviously was stressful to hear, but never in a million years did I think it would turn in to such a big problem. When we asked politely for a small cup of water for her to swallow her meds , we were rudely told no and that we’d have to wait till we landed.

“It was a nine hour flight and it made my mum extremely anxious and uncomfortable. The way staff acted was inhumane – how they wouldn’t make an exception to the rule under such circumstances I don’t know.

Natalie was left ‘anxious and uncomfortable’ during the flight, it is claimed


Ellie Fisher/SWNS)

Ellie has hit out at the way they were treated


Ellie Fisher/SWNS)

“The consequences could have been told.” Natalie and Ellie say they went the entire flight having only had one drink with their meal, and arrived at their destination thirsty and extremely irritated, on January 11.

When they returned to the UK a week later, the rules were still in place, but thankfully this time they knew what to expect and came prepared with a bottle of water each.

Information on Tui’s website states that, when meals are served on long-haul flights, customers will get a water cuplet on the tray – and water is served in between meals too.

A spokesperson from Tui Airlines said: “We’re very sorry to hear of Ms Williams experience on her flight to the Dominican Republic. We’re investigating this further with our airline and will be in touch with her as soon as possible to resolve this matter .”

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