Daughter fears ‘terrified’ dad, 41, ‘trapped in his own body’ after contracting Covid


Ebonnie Grayson, 21, is afraid for her father’s life, saying he is “terrified” and “trapped in his own body” after catching Covid, leaving her family preparing for the worst before Christmas

Doctors have warned James' family to prepare for the worst
Doctors have warned James’ family to prepare for the worst

A daughter has been left fearing for her dad’s life, saying he is terrified and “trapped in his own body” after the super-fit carpenter and window fitter contracted Covid.

Ebonnie Grayson, 21, and her family are preparing for the worst as dad-of-eight James Grayson has been left fighting for his life in a coma at the age of just 41.

The family are now dreading a tough Christmas without the “strong…supportive” dad and grandad.

The Mirror previously revealed how the family were “broken beyond words” as James was induced into a coma, on life support after falling critically ill in October.

And now speaking to Sky News, Ebonnie, 21, said she was worried her dad was “terrified” and she and her family were “absolutely heartbroken” after scans showed his lungs were continuing to deteriorate.

James Grayson with his wife Becky who said her family are “devastated” as her husband fights for his life



James has suffered a number of complications since catching the virus, including a stroke and collapsed young, which have taken their toll on his body.

Ebonnie told Sky News: “Even with the best efforts of the doctors, it’s still not getting any better.

“We’re all just absolutely heartbroken. My dad is the head of our family. He’s such a strong man. He’s the best dad. He’s so supportive. He takes care of all of us.

James Grayson, 41, from Frimley, Surrey, tested positive for coronavirus on October 19 after he collapsed at home and was admitted to hospital



“This is just the worst thing that could happen.

“He’s literally only alive now because of the machines he’s on. If he wasn’t on them, he’d be dead.”

James, from Frimley in Surrey, thought he initially had the flu before he collapsed at home on October 19.

The grandfather-of-five, who has never had a day off sick from work, was taken to hospital where they confirmed he had Covid.

His condition deteriorated rapidly a day later and he was induced into a coma and put on life support.

James’ family are currently allowed to visit him in intensive care at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital in London but they have to wear full PPE.

Ebonnie previously told the Mirror: “We are all broken beyond words.

“He was really healthy, he would go to the gym all the time. We’d never have thought something like this could have affected him so severely.”

James and Becky at their wedding 12 years ago



Wife Becky, 40, said: “James was never poorly and never had a day off work in his life. It’s heartbreaking to see him like that.

“He’s not showing any signs of improvement. The doctors tell me his survival rate is 50%.

“I’m an absolute emotional wreck.”

And today Ebonnie confirmed to Sky news that he dad’s lungs “are still deteriorating.”

James Grayson was waiting to get his second jab when he caught the virus



“It’s traumatic. All we can do is hold his hand and talk to him,” she revealed.

“His heart rate goes up when we’re there with him. I think he can sense that we’re there.

“If he is having any awareness, he must be absolutely terrified – trapped in his own body.”

With James in a deteriorating condition, his family are preparing for a tough Christmas.

Becky said she was an “emotional wreck” as James fights for his life



Becky said James never took a day off sick from his carpentry job

Ebonnie said that her dad loves Christmas and used to do all the cooking for the family but she’s now worried that her younger brothers will struggle at Christmas.

Without her dad, Ebonnie said Christmas would be different for them all this year and said it was like “grieving” for someone who is not dead yet.

The family have set up a Go Fund Me page and pledged to give a quarter of the money donated to Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital.

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