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Ciudadanos is the most voted party and achieves 37 seats, followed by Junts per Catalunya with 34 and ERC with 32. The PSC is the fourth force (17) and CatComú-Podem achieves 8. The CUP remains with 4 and PPC with 3.

With more than 99,5% of the votes counted, Citizens (C’s) He wins the elections of December 21, 2017 in Catalonia, although the independence movement achieves a majority in the Catalan Parliament.

Inés Arrimadas’s party has achieved 1,098,293 votes, and win so much in votes (25,35%) as in seats, with 37 representatives (12 more than in the previous elections).

In second position is placed Together for Catalonia, the formation led by Carles Puigdemont, which obtained 938,966 votes (21.67%) and 34 seats. ERC is the third force, with 21.40% of the votes and 32 representatives. In the previous elections both formations obtained 62 seats, concurring jointly as JxSí.

The PSC ranks fourth, with 13.87% and 17 seats (one more than in 2015), while CatComú-May achieves 7.44% and 8 representatives (CatSíqueesPot got 11).

The CUP, sixth force in the Catalan Parliament, achieves 4 representatives (4.45%), and stands with 6 less deputies. The PPC it also loses representatives, in this case 8, and is placed with 4 seats and 4.23% of votes.

Participation in the Catalan elections this Thursday has reached its historical maximum with the 81,95% of the 5,554,394 Catalans called to vote to elect the 135 deputies of the Parliament, on a day in which participation was especially concentrated in the afternoon.


After knowing the electoral results, the candidate of Ciudadanos al 21D, Ines Arrimadas, has affirmed that the Catalans have voted in the Catalan elections for “union”, “coexistence” and “solidarity”. Today “it has become clearer that the social majority of Catalans is in favor of the union,” so the independentists “will never again be able to speak on behalf of Catalonia,” he assured.

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Carles Puigdemont, head of the JuntsxCat list, for his part, highlighted in his speech in Brussels (Belgium) that “the Catalan republic has won the monarchy of 155”. Puigdemont has said that “the Spanish State has been defeated” and that the situation demands “a rectification, reparation and a restitution of the Spanish Government” which he called to “take note”.

The main ERC candidate in the 21D elections, Marta Rovira, has stated that the Catalans have voted “republic” and “against 155” despite the fact that his party, with 32 deputies (and 21.42% of the votes) has not won these elections as expected.

Miquel Iceta, candidate of the PSC for the Catalan elections, he stressed that they have not achieved “a majority against the pro-independence bloc.” After knowing the electoral results, Iceta has said in the headquarters of the PSC that “the pro-independence majority has not obtained the majority of votes” and that there has been a “setback” in its number of seats. In that sense, he has said that these data should “mark the legislature.”

The candidate of CatECP to the Generalitat, Xavier Domènech, has explained that Catalan elections They were not legitimate in origin, but he has described the result as sacred: “A result that must be respected and that has placed us in the opposition that we will exercise to build the future that this country needs.”

The CUP candidate for the Generalitat, Carles Riera, for his part, has assured this Thursday that “the republic of 1-O has won” and has admitted that the formation has obtained a bad result but that they will assert their four seats.

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Xavier Garcia Albiol, list head of People’s Party of Catalonia (PPC), has recognized that “it is a bad day for the PPC and for the future of Catalonia”. “We have not been able to add an alternative majority to the independence movement,” lamented the leader of the Catalan PP. “Some will celebrate their victory for five minutes, but Catalonia loses,” he warned, referring to Ciudadanos.

After knowing the results of this 21-D in Catalonia, the Catalan National Assembly he celebrated the electoral result and said that the population “has ratified the republic that we voted for on October 1”.


The investiture of the president will be held on February 6 at the latest.

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